Traditional Catholic St Rita, Prayer For Impossible Cases

St. Rita of Cascia, (1381-1457)

St-Rita-of-CasciaFor centuries, St. Rita has been one of the most popular saints in the Catholic Church.  This is because of her own difficult life and for her help she has given to those passing through very difficult times.  For this reason she is known as the “Saint of the impossible“.

Although as a child, St. Rita wanted to become a nun, her parents would to let her.  She married a very cruel husband who caused her great suffering.  But through her love and prayers, he was converted before he was murdered.

St. Rita’s two sons wanted to revenge the blood of their father.  She begged God to take their lives before they could take the lives of the murderer.  They both died in the state of grace before being able to carry out their plans.

Alone, St. Rita sought to enter into the religious life.  She was refused.  Praying to her own special patron saints; St. John the Baptist, St. Augustine and St. Nicholas of Tolentino, after great difficulty, she was allowed to enter the Augustinian Convent in 1411.

As a religious she practiced great mortifications and lived a life of charity for others.  Her prayers brought about miracles of healings, deliverance from the devil and other favors from God.

As seen in her pictures, Jesus allowed her to suffer His pain by having a thorn wound in her forehead.  It caused great pain and had a foul odor.  The wound lasted all her life and she would pray; ‘O loving Jesus, increase my patience according as my suffering increases.’

When she died at the age of 76, innumerable miracles began to take place.  For this reason devotion to her began to spread quickly.  For several centuries her body was incorrupt and gave off a sweet fragrance.

HERE IS A GREAT MIRACLE TO GIVE US MORE FAITH; At here beatification ceremony, her body actually raised itself up and she opened her eyes.


Holy Patroness of those in need, St. Rita, whose pleadings before thy Divine Lord are almost irresistible, who for thy lavishness in granting favors hast been called the Advocate of the HOPELESS and even of the IMPOSSIBLE; St. Rita, so humble, so pure, so mortified, so patient and of such compassionate love for the Crucified Jesus that thou couldst obtain from Him whatsoever thou askest, on account of which all confidently have recourse to thee, expecting, if not always relief, at least comfort; be propitious to our petition, showing thy power with God on behalf of they suppliant; be lavish to us, as thou hast been in so many wonderful cases, for the greater glory of God, for the spreading of thine own devotion, and for the consolation of those who trust in thee.  We promise, if our petition is granted, to glorify thee by making known thy favor, to bless and sing thy praises forever.  Relying then upon thy merits and power before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we pray thee grant that ( here mention your request).

Obtain for us our request

By the singular merits of thy childhood,

By thy perfect union with the Divine Will,

By thy heroic sufferings during thy married life,

By the consolation thou didst experience at the conversion of thy husband,

By the sacrifice of thy children rather than see them grievously offend God,

By the sever penances and trice daily scourgings,

By the suffering caused by the wound thou didst receive from the thorn of thy Crucified Savior,

By the divine love which consumed thy heart,

By that remarkable devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, on which alone thou dost exist for four years,

By the happiness with which thou didst part from thy trials to join thy Divine Spouse,

By the perfect example you gavest to people of every state of life,

Pray for us, O holy St. Rita, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


O God, Who in Thine infinite tenderness hast vouchsafed to regard the prayer of Thy servant, Blessed Rita, and dost grant to her supplication that which is impossible to human foresight, skill and efforts, in reward of her compassionate love and firm reliance on Thy promise, have pity on our adversity and succor us in our calamities, that the unbeliever may know Thou art the recompense of the humble, the defense of the helpless, and the strength of those who trust in Thee, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.