Traditional Catholic Business Closed On Sunday

A friend of mine has moved from one Catholic Cemetery to another and asked if I would bless her new office.  I went over and did that.

Then I went to a graphic business to see about printing up some of the great traditional Catholic art I have collected on my computer; (13,000 pictures in iPhoto).  They are so beautiful, as many of you know, and I would like to some how get them into houses to motivate people to be Holy.

IMG_4140Elisabeth and Veronica

After I saw a bakery next door.
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 I went in to buy a cup of coffee.  The owner is Catholic and told me that she used to be a catechism teacher at St. Catherine’s before.  Then she asked me to bless her shop.  I told her I was happy to do that.

As I walked out to my van to get the Holy Water, I thought: I should not bless it if she is open on Sundays.  As I turned back to the Bakery, I saw the sign on the front door; CLOSED ON SUNDAYS.
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 I went back in and told her that that was the only way to run a Catholic business.  I thanked her very much.IMG_4141

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to want to please God, not adore the god of money by working or doing business on the Lord’s Day.