I baptized Natali and her twin sister in the hospital quite a while ago.  Natali was born with a faulty heart.  They did open heart surgery on her shortly after she was born.  A while after that, her heart stopped beating for quite a lot of time.  But she was resuscitated and is in the hospital.  When she was ‘dead’, something happened to her brain and she does not see well.  IMG_4139

I showed her dad and grandparents the photos of the miracle that happened in Mexico to give them hope.  But I also gave them the list of things that caused the miracles;

  • conversion of the parents, (stop sinning),
  • Exorcized Holy Water,
  • no immodest clothing,
  • go to Holy Mass every Sunday,
  • no working on Sundays,
  • go to confession.

IMG_4138I also put exorcised Holy Water on her forehead and eyes.  I gave them more to put on her eyes everyday.   So keep her and her parents in your prayers.