Catholic Six Sins Against The Holy Spirit And Abortion

l_cps_w171110r_fp_dd-2Please take some time to meditate on this well thought out article.  Print it up and give it to your young family members.  Taken From Pro-life 365

‘Did you know the Catholic Church teaches there are six sins against the Holy Spirit, the third member of the Holy Trinity?

Also, have you ever thought much about the sin of abortion? Have you ever thought about how this particular sin can corrupt so many souls in various ways?

Today, we will see how abortion can cause the six sins against the Holy Spirit.


The six sins against the Holy Spirit are listed below. We’ll begin with the most well-known one of all.
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1. Final Impenitence 

When someone thinks of sinning specifically against the Holy Spirit, the one, unforgivable sin most often comes to mind.

Jesus says, “Truly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin” (Mark 3:28-30).

What is this one, unforgivable sin? What does it mean to blaspheme against the Third Member of the Trinity? 

The answer is final impenitence.

This occurs when someone just refuses to accept forgiveness and mercy for the sins they have committed. The person is unwilling to allow the Holy Spirit to free them from the bondage of their sin.

Most often, it seems, this type of person believes she is unworthy to be forgiven.

It is easy to see how this applies to abortion.

I have read of mothers who have obtained abortions and have refused to see a priest or a minister. On their deathbed, they express their regret over choosing to put their own children to death.

They know, in their heart, it violates their natural order as women.  They think they must pay for what they did… in the next lifetime. God, have mercy on such folks.

The humanity of the unborn is undeniable at this point. With 3D ultrasounds, premature babies surviving at greater rates than ever before, and so forth, no one can pretend not to know.

2. Presumption 

The next of the sins against the Holy Spirit is just the opposite of the first.

When someone presumes the forgiveness of God, they sin gravely. They know God is merciful, so they sin deliberately. They presuppose His mercy.

But in so doing, they do not obtain God’s mercy, but rather his wrath.

For, in order to obtain forgiveness, one needs to say one is sorry.  A presumptuous person is not contrite for his sin, but revels in it.

Such a person will not only remain guilty of the sin committed, but also the sin of presumption. In place of being rendered free of guilt, he finds himself guilty of twice as many sins.

Applying this to the abortion industry, think of those who give counsel to pregnant mothers. I have heard stories of abortion clinic counselors dealing with faith-filled girls.

The girls express doubt that they are doing the right thing. Sometimes the counsel they receive in return is that God is merciful, so He’ll forgive them anyway.

3. Despair 

The third of the sins against the Holy Spirit is a lot like the first. To despair is a sin against the Holy Spirit. To despair means to lose hope.

Hope is a theological virtue whereby one confidently expects to obtain a future good.

Those considering abortion can despair in their circumstances. In fact, that is why a vast majority of them seek an abortion in the first place. 

Such women can think there is no way out of their poverty, or difficult situation, so abortion seems like a possible solution. It never turns out that way, of course.

4. Resisting the Known Truth 

Jesus told His apostles, shortly before ascending to Heaven, “But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you” (John 14:26).

The Holy Spirit’s job is to lead all men to the truth.

Yet, as the cliché goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

The humanity of the unborn is undeniable at this point. With 3D ultrasounds, premature babies surviving at greater rates than ever before, and so forth, no one can pretend not to know.

Yet some people just assume keep their heads stuck in the sand. In turn, they advocate for murdering children. As if that could possibly solve a single problem in our human condition.

5. Envy of Another’s Spiritual Good 

Be happy with what you get. Contentment is a lost virtue in our culture.

Watch television commercials or listen to the Democrats speak for five minutes. What do you hear?

You’re told you ought to be envious.
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You don’t have that supermodel’s good looks. Buy Product X to change that. Or, you don’t have the Top One-Percent’s wealth. Vote Democrat, so they can rob Peter to pay Paul.

The abortion industry and their supporters impugn those of high character and good morals. They know their advocacy for child murder makes them spiritually deprived.

Rather than rejoice at others’ good fortunes, they try to convince everyone not to listen to pro-lifers of good will.

One of my favorite Bible verses comes to mind:

“A friend will not be known in good times, and an enemy will not be hidden in adversity” (Sirach 12:8).

6. Obstinacy in Sin 

The last of the sins against the Holy Spirit includes those obstinate enough to remain in their sin.

Rather than have the humility to admit she is wrong and needs to repent, she persists.

This gives the Holy Spirit no room in which to work. It pushes Him out completely. The person’s pride grows, as well.

Those in the abortion industry who publicly stump for their baby-killing ways come to mind.  Not only are they unwilling to stop themselves, but their guilt for their misdeeds compels them to justify themselves for everyone to hear. 

It is the Big Lie they tell themselves. They repeat to themselves over and over, almost convincing themselves it is true.’