Traditional Catholic, No To ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’

In several of the Caribbean countries, school children who have participated in the satanic ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ have had to be rushed to the hospital.  It fascinates the children who place a pencil on top of another pencil on a piece of paper with the words yes and no in each square.  They actually ask the demon Charlie if they can play in order to connect with the demon.  Like the ouija board, the top pencil moves on its own.

charlie2-620x264Children in Antigua and Barbuda have been hospitalized for fainting and seizures.  One mother said her daughter came home crying and shaking after seeing desks float in the air.

Talking to the children in Catechism, they all know about it and some have already played the game.  I told them that it seems fun to do evil things, but in the night, when it is dark, they are not going to be happy when the devil comes to them.  What will the do then?

curiosity_killed_the_cat_by_gnuchi-d59th2zCURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT.  The devil likes to play that trick.  It started when he tempted Eve to check out what it felt like to be god by eating the forbidden fruit.  Of course Eve was curious, so she indulged her curiosity and lost everything.  She then showed it to Adam and he to was curious what would happen when he ate the forbidden fruit, and he has been sorry ever since.  curiosity-killed-the-cat

Adam and Eve, each one of us, are not satisfied with normal goodness, just being happy, having child like innocence.  We have to try other pleasures that everyone else who seems to be normal are indulging in.  And then it is too late, we have lost our child like innocence forever.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know better.   Many of us have been there, done that, and are never going there again, because of the suffering our sins have caused us and others.

The traditional Catholic Sacraments, exorcism and other prayers in Latin are so powerful against the devil and his minions.  That is why I believe in the Tridentine Latin Sacraments, to fight the devil and his friends.