Sign Of Appreciation And Thankfulness

At the potluck for Pentecost and my ordination anniversary, some of the parishioners of St. Catherine made up a certificate of thankfulness and appreciation for me.  20150524_181122

This is what it says:

For your efforts and dedication.

Enthusiastic soldier in the battle, yet tender hand for the sick. Old for your prudence that gives wise advice, yet a still a child who confides in others.

Made to give happiness and encouragement to those who suffer, far from envy, transparent in thoughts.

Sincere in words, friend of peace and enemy to laziness.

A good shepherd, a pastor according to the heart of God, which is the greatest treasure that the good God could consider to a parish and one of the most precious gifts of His divine mercy.

The priesthood is the love from the heart of Jesus.
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Thank you to you parishioners of St. Catherine of Siena, Phoenix Arizona USA