Mosebach On Pope Francis’ New Church

Many of you traditional Catholics have heard about Martin Mosebach.  He is a well known German author who wrote ‘The Heresy of Formlessness’.  Please try to read this great book.  You will enjoy it.  He also gave one of the best talks ever on the ‘creation’ of the New Mass at Cardinal Ranjith’s Liturgy Convention in 2010 in the Diocese of Colombo Sri Lanka.  His talk was called; ‘The Old Roman Missal: Loss and Recovery.  CFn7p-oW0AEimci

On May 23, the German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ interviewed Martin on his thoughts of the new pope.  Rorate Caeli translated the article from German into English.  Here are a few of his comments about the dangers he sees in the way Pope Francis is being pope.

‘What is concerning about Pope Francis is the atmosphere he creates – as though an entirely new Church has been created which has never existed before in this way. As though Francis is correcting centuries of abnormal development and is creating a new type of Church without dogma, without mysticism. A Church which finds itself in compliance with the current social consensus.

And he allows this assimilation to advance by being ambiguous in what he says.

He does not have the freedom all other Catholics have of expressing himself freely. But even if Benedict were dead, it would be irreverent to separate from him so demonstratively. He who does everything differently is also sending out a clear signal that that which came before him was wrong.

The Pope does not have to be mindful of votes, although this sort of approval currently sustains Francis’ authority. It sometimes seems to me as though Francis is making his mark at the cost of the Church. For example, he veers around Bishops so extraordinarily ruthlessly. Had Pope Benedict gone around an individual bishop like that there would have been uproar. According to Catholic law, a bishop has his office from Christ and not from the Pope; he should have a very strong legal status with respect to the Pope.

We have a Pope who, on the one hand invokes the tender Church, on the other hand reacts very strongly and interferes in dioceses.

Charisma has absolutely no function in the papal office. The first Pope was Peter, the man who disowned the Lord. The charismatic one was Paul. The best Pope is someone who recedes right behind the office. Someone who bends under this office as under a heavy load. The garments that Popes used to wear are an image of this. The Popes used to literally disappear under their regalia. And one should not have been able to see them at all because they were only a substitute for Christ.

He is the one the public, especially in the West, hails, not the Church.

We are witnesses to a bold experiment.
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It is important to remember that it ultimately does not depend on the current Pope. I say that as a Catholic for whom the Pope is an authority I truly take seriously. At the end it depends upon the continuity. Everything that benefits continuity is good for the Church. Whatever breaks from it is not good for the Church.