Latin Brings The Unity Of The Holy Spirit

holy-spirit-wallpaper-pic-0101Our world is divided by power, greed, wars and languages.  Our Church is divided by ideologies, power, modernism, lies, languages and the devil.  Our families are divided by fights, different religions, different belief systems, different lifestyles, divorce and sin.

More so than ever, today we need the Holy Spirit to bring unity into our world, our Church and our families; by the same doctrine, same sacraments and the same language in God’s One Holy Apostolic Catholic Church.  It is not ‘many, so and so’s local, individual church’.  It is ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM AND ONE LORD.holy-spirit

  • The Holy Spirit comes to united us.  The evil spirit comes to divide us.
  • The Holy Spirit preaches truth.  The evil spirit teaches lies.
  • The Holy Spirit brings love.  The evil spirit brings hate.
  • The Holy Spirit brings humility.  The evil spirit brings pride.
  • The Holy Spirit brings servants.  The evil spirit brings power seekers.
  • The Holy Spirit brings selfless leaders.  The evil spirit brings egocentric leaders.

It is completely obvious to any normal person that there is anything but unity in the teaching and practices in the Catholic Church today.  The pope, cardinals, bishops and priests teaches what ‘they’ believe is ‘truth’.  We no longer have One Faith, One Church and One God.  We have ‘the church according to the pope’, ‘the diocese according to the bishop’, ‘the parish according to the priest’.

vatican-2-opened‘Vatican II Opened The Church.’  ‘And The People Have Left’.

Every parish is divided between the traditional, orthodox, liberal, charismatic and cafeteria Catholics.  Every parish, (here in the United States), is divided by the language of the people who go to ‘their’ particular mass, (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and on and on).

We traditional Catholics offer the Church’s wisdom of the ages.  We beg for the return to one language for the Roman Catholics, (Latin), one orthodox teaching, (Deposit of Faith handed on from the Apostles), and one way of offering the Holy Sacraments, (The Latin Mass and other Latin Sacraments and Rites that have been used for the last 1800 years).

We ask for ‘Unity in Continuity’.  No New catholicism.

PS.  We also appreciate the ancient rites of the Easter Catholics too.