Prayer For Tradition Catholic Couples

Married-couple-in-St-Peter-s-Square-October-2014Prayer For Tradition Catholic Couples

O merciful God!  We pray that we may always remember the sacredness of the wedding vows we made to you and to each other at the altar on the day of our Holy Sacrament of Marriage.  May we never forget the grave responsibility we have to maintain this sacredness throughout all our married life.

Everyday we beg you to give us your grace, so that we may continue to live our Sacrament of Marriage in faithfulness and love.
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May our spirit of our mutual understanding and confidence grow deeper everyday and may no dispute or bad feelings ever come between us.

Merciful God, please give us Your blessing, so that we may be an ideal family, in Your eyes, and an excellent example to all those around us.

Finally, by Your mercy, consider us worthy to obtain eternal life; because it is only by Your grace that we can be holy and thus capable of reaching together our finally home, Heaven.

For all this we give thanks and glory, to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever, unto the ages of ages. Amen.