Catholic Exorcism And Re-Consecrating Creation #4

God’s plan for saving a damned world was to:Christ giving the keys of heave to St Peter_stained glass

  • Send His Divine Son Jesus Christ to take on human nature and sanctify it by being obedient to His Father’s will even unto death.  He destroyed the strong hold of the prince of this world, (the devil and his minions).
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     He conquered death by dying in His human body and rising again.
  • Send the Holy Spirit into His Apostles to sanctify them and send them to continue the same mission of Jesus Christ.  Apostle means ‘SENT’ as the Father ‘SENT’ Jesus to do His mission.
  • Sent the Holy Spirit to form His Church, which is the Body of Christ with Jesus as the head and we as His Body.
  • Use created matter, such as the human body of Mary which gave flesh to Jesus.

God uses Divine action, human persons, words and created matter to exorcise and re-sanctify the fallen world that is under the power of the devil.

  1. The first element is Jesus Christ, the divine-human Being, Who, through the action of His Spirit, vivifies and leavens the other elements of the act;
  2. the second element is man, with his marvelous powers of reason, sentiment, emotions, and capabilities to sense, hearing, voice, singing and speaking, motion and gestures;
  3. and the third element is irrational creation, bread, wine, water, oil, lights, incense, vestments, gold, bells, organ.’  Roman Ritual, Volume III, The Blessings, pg. vi.

God, man, words and created elements are all parts of how our salvation comes to us through the Holy Sacraments of the Catholic Church.Traditional Latin Mass_Jim 3

‘How Catholics should rejoice in the knowledge and realization that our salvation comes from God through the sacramental life, and, consequently, with what fervor and alacrity should we participate in the Eucharistic Sacrifice, the sacraments, the sacramental and prayer life of the Church!’ pg. vi.

By Christ’s incarnation, God wed creation to Himself.  Exorcised and consecrated people and things are married to the supernatural life of God, the spiritual.

‘Between the life of the Deity and the life of humanity lies the field of sacramental activity where Infinite and finite meet and are united. pg. vii.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to value God’s Divine actions work through His Holy Church.  Purgatory MassWe appreciate the office of the pope, the bishops, priests and deacons and their indispensable part of cooperating with God in bringing us the graces God wants to give us through the Holy Sacraments and prayers of the Church.  We appreciate this, in spite of the many modernistic teachings that many of them are wrongly teaching and supporting right now.