St. Venantius May 18

Scarsellino_-_Martyrdom_of_St._Venantius_of_Camerino_-_Google_Art_ProjectAt the age of fifteen, St. Venantius of Camerino was denounced for his Christian religion to Antiochus, who was Prefect of Camerino under the Emperor Decius. St. Venantius presented himself to the prefect at the city gates. For a long time the prefect tempted him by means of promises and threats, then commanded that he be beaten and chained. Miraculously freed by an Angel, St. Venantius was then burned with torches and suspended face down over a smoking fire. Led back again to the governor, he had all his teeth and jaws broken and, thus mutilated, he was thrown into a pit of dung. Rescued from this pit by an Angel, he stood once more before the judge, who, even as St. Venantius was speaking to him, fell from his tribunal, crying out, St. Venantius his God is true, take away our gods! and expired. At length, after new and exquisite torments, St. Venantius was beheaded, along with ten others, and so finished the course of his glorious struggle. The Christians gave honourable burial to the bodies of these martyrs, who now rest in Camerino, in the church dedicated to St. Venantius.  1960 Roman Breviary