Traditional Catholic God From The Bible

The main reason for being a traditional Catholic is because we LOVE AND RESPECT GOD.  But, we also have a slight concept of WHO GOD IS.  What I mean, is that we understand THAT GOD IS  GOD.  For this reason we have decided to humbly admit that GOD IS NOT MAN, (God created man), and MAN IS NOT GOD, (we did not create God).  No matter how hard man tries to convince himself that he is god, he still makes mistakes, gets sick and dies.

mount_sinai_as_volcanoThe Bible clearly demonstrates who God is.

 And let them be ready against the third day: for on the third day the Lord will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai.  And thou shalt appoint certain limits to the people round about, and thou shalt say to them: Take heed you go not up into the mount, and that ye touch not the borders thereof: every one that toucheth the mount dying he shall die. No hands shall touch him, but he shall be stoned to death, or shall be shot through with arrows: whether it be beast, or man, he shall not live.

and behold thunders began to be heard, and lightning to flash, and a very thick cloud to cover the mount, and the noise of the trumpet sounded exceeding loud, and the people that was in the camp, feared. And when Moses had brought them forth to meet God from the place of the camp, they stood at the bottom of the mount.  And all mount Sinai was on a smoke: because the Lord was come down upon it in fire, and the smoke arose from it as out of a furnace: and all the mount was terrible.  And the sound of the trumpet grew by degrees louder and louder, and was drawn out to a greater length: Moses spoke, and God answered him.  And the Lord came down upon mount Sinai, in the very top of the mount, and he called Moses unto the top thereof. And when he was gone up thither,

He said unto him: Go down, and charge the people: lest they should have a mind to pass the limits to see the Lord, and a very great multitude of them should perish.  Exodus 19:11-13, 16-21.

As thou desiredst of the Lord thy God in Horeb, when the assembly was gathered together, and saidst: Let me not hear any more the voice of the Lord my God, neither let me see any more this exceeding great fire, lest I die.  Deuteronomy 18:16

When ever Moses would come into the presence of God, his face would be so brilliant that he had to shroud it.  When the man tried to stabilize the Arc of the Covenant without permission from God and touch it, he died.  If a high priest entered the Holy of Holies of the Temple with sin, he would die.

20120906172408-153009483At the transfiguration, the Apostles were overcome with fear just hearing the sound of God’s voice.

And as he was yet speaking, behold a bright cloud overshadowed them.
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And lo, a voice out of the cloud, saying: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased: hear ye him.

And the disciples hearing, fell upon their face, and were very much afraid. Matthew 17:5-6

Yes, Jesus is our humble friend.  We approach Him with love.  But He is also God.  It will be a horrible experience for all who die without understanding their relationship with God. It will be to late when they see WHO GOD REALLY IS, when they see God in His glory.

christ-the-kingAnd when the Son of man shall come in his majesty, and all the angels with him, then shall he sit upon the seat of his majesty.  And all nations shall be gathered together before him, and he shall separate them one from another, as the shepherd separateth the sheep from the goats:  Matthew 25:31-32.

And for this reason we traditional Catholics bend our knees to receive God in Holy Communion.  For this reason we do not go into the Sanctuary of the Church because it is the Holy of Holies.  For this reason we do not receive Jesus in Holy Communion in mortal sin.  For this reason we do not receive Jesus in the hand and drop His crumbs all over the floor to be trampled on.  For this reason we dress our best when going to His house for Holy Mass every Sunday.  We know who God is and we love and respect Him now.
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We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know how Great God Is and to know He is our defender and friend.