St. Ubald May 16

sanubaldodegubbioSt. Ubald was born of a noble family at Gubbio in Umbria, and was well trained, from his earliest years, in devotion and in letters. As a young man, he was often urged to marry, but he never gave up his determination to preserve his virginity. When he was made a priest, he distributed his patrimony to the poor and to churches. He entered the Institute of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine and brought it to his own country. Against his will, he was put over the Church of Gubbio by Pope Honorius II and given episcopal consecration. Making himself with his whole heart a model for his flock, he changed nothing in his way of life and became illustrious for every kind of virtue. Although he suffered from various infirmities for a long time, he never ceased to give thanks to God. When he had governed the Church entrusted to him for many years in a way deserving of the highest praise, he fell asleep in peace, famous for his works and miracles.