Learning The Traditional Catholic Latin Mass 5 Forms

Once a priest hears about or sees sacredness and beauty of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered in the Tridentine Missal, he then begins to want to offer it.  The the Fraternity Of St. Peter, (5 day workshop at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton Nebraska, $400) and St. John Cantius, offer training for priests who want to learn how to offer the Latin Mass.

i love latin massThere are five forms of the Tridentine Mass:

  1. Low Mass.
  2. High Mass or Missa Cantata.
  3. Solemn High Mass.
  4. Requiem Mass for the dead.
  5. Pontifical Solemn High Mass.

Low Latin Mass is very difficult learn because of the exact rubrics and the difficulty of offering the whole Mass in Latin.  It has some elements that are in common with the New Mass which all priests are familiar with and helps a little to learn the Latin Mass.  This Mass can be said alone, (not encouraged), or with one or two altar boys.  The simple Low Latin Mass is profound and beautiful in its sacredness and contemplative aspect.  At all of the Latin Masses, the laity only receive Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue.

The Missa Cantata is an extremely beautifully sung Mass.  The Latin Mass was meant to be sung.  But because of this, it is more difficult to learn.  In order to offer this Mass correctly, you need 9 altar boys, a Master of Ceremonies and incense.  This Mass is accompanied by an organist, cantor and schola.  What makes it difficult for the cantor is that he has to sing the unique propers for that days Mass from the Liber Usualis.

Traditional Latin Mass_Jim 3The Solemn High Mass is very difficult because it needs a priest, a deacon and a subdeacon, (Can be a lay man as the ‘straw deacon’).  Each priest and deacon have very exact roles to play and are difficult to learn.  I have only offered this Mass three times and only did the priest’s role.  I still need to learn a great deal more about this Mass.  It is a sung Mass too and needs MC, many altar boys, the organist, cantor to sing the propers and the schola too.

The Requiem Mass is very similar to either the Low Mass or the MIssa Cantata, (sung), with some prayers omitted and others modified to pray for the dead.  After the Mass is finished, the priest changes into a cope to pray, bless with Holy Water and incense the coffin.  The burial at the grave has long prayers and the grave is blessed with Holy Water and incensed.

The Pontifical Solemn High Mass is with the bishop and takes great direction from a very well trained Master of Ceremonies.

Everyday I offer the Low Mass and usually once a week the Missa Cantata.  I still need to keep practicing the Missa Cantata because it is different from what I offer everyday and is much more complicated.   Before offering the MIssa Cantata I usually walk quickly through the Mass actions with the altar boys.  It is good for them and for me.

Mass_pious pictureFor all of you priests who are just beginning to learn the Latin Mass, make the sacrifice it takes to learn it for Jesus.  He deserves the best.  Also make the sacrifice for all the people who hunger for a Holy dignified Mass.  It will also completely change your priesthood as you come to understand your priesthood as that of a victim soul offered with Jesus at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to the Father for the forgiveness of sins and the out pouring of God’s graces on us and His Church.

Thank you priests for making the sacrifice to learn the Latin Mass.  Do not get discouraged.

Do your best and God will help you with the rest.

If any priest is interested in coming here to St. Catherine here in Phoenix Arizona to learn the Latin Mass, e-mail me at frcarota@icloud.com.  You will also be able to experience how a diocesan parish can do everything in a sacred and traditional way.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have all these treasures God has given to us.