Persecution Of Traditional Catholic Priests

All of us know about the terrible persecution of the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate.  We pray for them and for Fr. Volpi (who has had a stoke and as far as I have heard is in grave condition in the hospital).  It is hard to pray for him from the reports we have heard of how he is supervising the ‘cleansing’ of an order that was moving toward traditional Catholicism.  But we, as traditional Catholics know that we need to pray for the conversion of sinners, not their death.
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Gold_Capuchin Friar3A few friars were not happy with Fr. Stefano Manelli’s movement toward traditional Catholicism and the orders criticizing of how confusing some of the wording of Vatican II documents.  This order was growing with many young vocations from all over the world.  At the same time most other religious orders are closing down houses and growing very old.  The FFI’s also lived true evangelical poverty.

But because they discovered traditional Catholicism and were attracted to it, they are being suppressed at this very moment.  Many liberal Catholic priests, openly criticize Vatican II as not being progressive enough, along with criticizing most of the Catholic Church’s teachings, and is stead of being suppressed, they are promoted and respected by most of the Catholic hierarchy.

Pope Benedict XVI was also very much so persecuted for issuing Summorum Pontificum.  He publicly expressed his deep sadness at how the bishops had reacted against him and anyone who was attached to traditional Catholicism.
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While all this persecution is going on right now, the vocations to liberal orders and the priesthood are way down, with middle aged men being ordained to the priesthood and older women joining religious orders.  Yet the traditional orders have an enormous amount of young vocations, probably because of the persecution.  Blood of the martyrs is seeds for the future Church.

Suora-Benedettina-di-Maria-Regina-degli Apostoli-01I heard from the mouth of a bishop of the way that many progressive bishops would get around allowing any priest from offering the Latin Mass as allowed in Summorum Pontificum.  These bishops would give them a Latin test.  If they did not pass it, they were forbidden to offer the Holy Latin Mass.

Believe it or not, Pope Francis has not and cannot revoke Summorum Pontificum.  But the environment is extremely caustic for any priest or parishioners to try to implement this Motu Proprio.

We traditional Catholics need to also remember Pope Benedict’s Universae Ecclesia published on May 13 2011.  It also gave way more rights to traditional Catholics and encourage bishops to have seminarians learn the Latin Mass.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics, in spite the persecution.  God is all powerful and loves truth and all that is Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus.