Traditional Catholic Priests In Crisis

This blog is for all you traditional Catholic priests, or those of you who are just beginning to discover the great treasure of Traditional Catholicism.  All over the world, the Holy Spirit is opening priests’ hearts and minds to embrace the great ancient treasures of our Catholic faith that have been buried and discarded for the last 50 or 60 years.

GIRL KNEELS AS SHE RECEIVES COMMUNION FROM POPEFor many of us, it was the ‘Summorum Pontificum‘ from Pope Benedict XVI that opened our eyes and mind to things we barely heard about or never ever knew existed before.  From that day forward, we have been led on a very exciting, but also a very difficult journey.

We first discovered the Holy Latin Mass from blogs and pictures.  But then we also found out about all the other Latin Sacraments; like baptism, confirmation and matrimony.  Many times, it has been holy lay people, who have told us and taught us about these holy things we never knew anything about.

Then we discover the HUGE difference between all that we know; The New Mass, New Sacraments and New Prayers, with these ancient Latin Rites we begin to study and practice.  This can bring on a terrible crisis in our priesthood.  WE CANNOT DENY WHAT WE ARE DOING EVERYDAY AS NOVUS ORDO PRIESTS, AND THE HUGE DIFFERENCE WE EXPERIENCE DOING THE ANCIENT RITES AS TRADITIONAL PRIESTS.

Before, when all we offered and knew was the Novus Ordo New Mass, Sacraments and Prayers, we were satisfied doing our best to offer them according to the rules or rubrics in a sacred way.  But then, and especially after we start offering these Tridentine Rites, the difference in the rubrics and prayers, stare us straight in our faces.

Most of us are obliged to offer the Novus Ordo New Sacraments.  This is where the crisis begins to effect our conscience and our priesthood.  An example are the rubrics that dictate the way that the Host and Precious Blood is handled in the Latin Mass compared with the minimal rubrics contained in the New Mass for handling the Body and Blood of Jesus.  The same is to be said about the purification of the Sacred Vessels.

Then, when the rubrics of the Latin Mass explicitly demands that Jesus should only be given kneeling down and on the tongue, yet, in the New Mass, we are obliged to give Holy Communion in the hands and standing.   Bishops oblige priests to use Extra Ordinary Eucharistic Ministers to give out Holy Communion and to bless everyone who approaches in sin or who is not Catholic.  For us priests, trying to live in these two worlds, it can cause us to become schizophrenic.

Pope Benedict XVI Baptism of the LordOnce you begin baptizing in the Latin Rite, with its many exorcisms, you clearly see the stark difference in the New Baptism Rite which only has a slight mention of Exorcism, but without any clear words exorcizing the devil out of the child.

The list can go on and on.  The magnificent vestments versus the simple modernistic vestments.  The long prayers for blessing Holy Water and objects.  The Wedding ceremony.  The Requiem Mass for the dead.  The use of gold plated silver chalices and patens.  The Chalice palls and burses.  The traditional Saint’s Calendar.

A huge one, is the altar.  In the New churches and rite, a table is used and called an ‘altar’.  In the ancient rite, a high altar is used with an altar stone with a martyrs relic in it.  This ‘table’ speaks of the Last Supper.  The stone altar speaks of the Sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for us sinners.  

the-holy-sacrifice-of-the-mass2In the prayers of the New Mass, very rarely is the word ‘Sacrifice’ used.  In the Tridentine Mass, it is used very often and is the focus of the whole Mass.  It is called the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  In the New Mass, it is called the celebrating of the Holy Eucharist.

I will write more on this gradual crisis, that any sincerely holy Catholic priests will go through, as they discover and offer the two rites, The New and the Old Roman Rites, together.  I also want to write more on the persecution we priests receive when we dare say the truth, ‘THAT THE LATIN MASS HAS MORE REVERENCE AND PROTECTION FOR GOD/JESUS IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST THAN THE NEW MASS’.

What shall we do in this crisis of our Catholic Priesthood?  We pray, we keep on learning and we make decisions that take a lot of faith.  We must let our pastors and bishops know what our conscience is experiencing.  We may have to change parishes or dioceses where we will be able to offer the Latin Mass.  We may have to offer the New Rites with great pain, while we continue to offer the Ancient Rites.

We do not want to jump ship, even though this is very tempting to do.  We want to stay in canonically approved Church.  We need to have faith that God will take care of us, even if it means being terribly persecuted by our bishops, fellow priests and parishioners.

Easter_Holy SacrificeFor all of you wonderful priests who are going through this crisis, God and Mary will sustain you.  Let us pray for each other and go steady on.  The Catholic truth that we have discovered is TRUE.  There is no turning back.  God needs us right now in His Church to help reform, renew and remind people of their Catholic Treasures that were almost destroyed, but are now being brought back to life at the great price of great persecution and ostracization.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics, and priests at that, and to be able to help God when He needs us most in this history of His Catholic Church.