Traditional Catholic Motherhood

A holy Catholic mothers are so so important for the raising of well balanced children.  Without well balanced disciplined children, society is filled with hurt children and crime.  We see Juvenile delinquency everywhere.  We see a huge increase in drug and alcohol abuse by 12 year old children today.  Children are desperately looking for someone or something to fill up their loneliness in their souls.

mother-mary-3Yes, fathers are extremely important in this equation too.  But I want to concentrate on the unique role of mothers in the upbringing of children.  So, let us look at what it takes to have holy, healthy mothers who can raise holy healthy children.

We need virgin young women who are chaste like the Virgin Mary until they find a holy man and get married in the Catholic Church till death do them part.  Most young women today have sex without marriage at a young age.  Immediately they find the pregnancy a problem to be solved by aborting, or taking the morning after pill, and murder their innocent child.  LIFE-GENDER

If they, by any chance, keep the child, the mother and the child will have a difficult life.  I feel very sorry for single mothers and their children.  But it could have been avoided if they had done thing God’s way.  That is to waited to have sex until they are married to a holy Catholic man in the permeant vow of Catholic marriage.

Men too are responsible for having sex before marriage and conceiving children that they did not want.  These poor children, who were fortunate enough to have survived been aborted, will live sad lives of single mothers or step fathers and mothers, moving from one home to another all their lives.

A true Catholic mother is one who values her virginity and her dignity and waits to receive the gift of graces given in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony to give her precious virginity to her husband for life.  She then has sex to have all the children God wants to give her and her husband, as difficult as that may be.  Most fathers and mothers want sex, but do not want the fruits of sex, which is the greatest gift God can give us in this world, a child.  The more children, the happier the home.

2012copenhagentlmwedding_ratificationA Catholic mother is both loving and strict.  She knows how to love her children, yet never spoil them.  She looks at each one of them as a special individual person needing different treatment and guidance, especially when it comes to their spiritual growth.  More than likely, the children will greatly resent her strict discipline.  But if it is done without anger, eventually they will appreciate the formation their mothers gave them when they grow up and have their own children.

Bouguereau_The_Virgin_With_AngelsWhen trying to be good holy Catholic mothers, we especially have to look at the perfect model, the Virgin Mary.

  • She was a woman of prayer.
  • She was a woman of faith.
  • She was a woman who always obeyed God’s will.
  • She was a woman who always obeyed her husband St. Joseph.
  • She was a woman of humility.
  • She was a woman who received her value from being a daughter of God.
  • She was a woman who only talked about the wonderful things God was doing.
  • She was a woman who was willing to offer her Child Jesus for others.
  • She was a woman willing to offer her Son on the Cross to His Father for the salvation of the world.
  • She was a woman willing to suffer, if that was what God asked of her.

In the Holy House of Nazareth, Mary lived a hidden life in a very simple life style.  Joseph, Mary and Jesus lived in a very small house that is now in Loretto Italy.  She never asked for more, because she was satisfied with what God had given her.  She help serve Jesus and St. Joseph, but never worked outside of the home.

I strongly believer that mothers should never work outside the home.  Mothers are the only ones who can be the hearts in the home.  When ever little children fall down, they run to mom, not to dad.  Later on they need dad, but for those young years of formation they need mom’s love.  Many mothers have spoiled their children with money they earned working outside the home.  But most of these spoiled children end up very selfish and hanging out with very bad company.  They are desperately trying to fill their empty hearts with something or someone when their mother never there to fill it up.

A good Catholic mother only wants the best for their children.  They are especially concerned about their souls so that they eventually will get to heaven.  Many mothers, and fathers, buy television, cell phones, iPods and computers for their children with which they loose their innocence and become corrupted by the messages of the social media and the evil friends they may come in contact with on the internet.

Divino_Ni_oA good Catholic mother never uses bad words when she is upset with her children.  She, never in her life, says bad words.  Instead she shows a good example by praying for her children rather than belittling or cursing them.

A good Catholic mother cries and worries about the souls of their children when they are living a life of sin.  But she also has faith in God and the Virgin Mary.  She worries, prays and suffers, seeing her children living lives as lost sheep.  But she never despairs, because she knows that ‘All thing are possible for God’.

That is why prayer is the most important thing a good Catholic mother can do.  The Holy Rosary is so powerful.  The continuous lifting up of their children to God is so important too.  God and Mary hear the prayers of a holy mother and will eventually do great things.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that it is difficult to practice our Catholic faith, but at the same time we know it is way worse to not practice it.  All we have to do is look next door to see that we are on the right, yet difficult path, to success and heaven.