A Catholic Prayer For All Mothers

virgin-mary-5Heavenly Father, source of all good things, one of the greatest goods you have given us is in this life is a Holy Catholic Mother.  Bless all Holy Mothers who have made so many sacrifices for us during our lives.  Thank you for the mothers who have taught us how to be Holy Catholics and happy children.  Bless them for insisting on us living holy, pure and blameless lives.  Bless and help all mothers to continue to be holy examples to us their children.
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Reward them for their continuous prayers they pour out for their good children, their mediocre children and for their bad children.
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 Hear their prayers and convert their children that are enslaved by their selfish ideologies, their sinful lifestyles and their vices of drugs, alcohol, gambling and pornography.

Father, let these mothers never despair of their hope that some day their children will come back into Your Holy Catholic Church and Her Holy Sacraments, especially Holy Confession.  No matter how far they have gone into sin or atheistic beliefs, for the sake of their holy mothers, hear their prayers and make it impossible for these wandering children to go on without coming back to the TRUTH, that is Jesus Christ and Your laws of love.

Mary, you are the ideal Mother.  Help all mothers to imitate your purity, faith, modesty, humility and obedience to God’s will.  You are our eternal Mother.  You care about all mothers and their children.  Help these mothers and their children to be full of God’s graces and love.  Give them the graces necessary to lovingly obey God’s Laws and to enter into eternity in heaven.

We asked this in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
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