Who Causes Traditional Catholics to Suffer?

The Roman Catechism on how ALL WE HAVE TO ENDURE COMES FROM GOD.
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“He who thinks himself injured ought above all to be persuaded that the man
on whom he desires to be revenged was not the principal cause of the loss or
injury. Job_SEGHERS, GerardThus that admirable man, Job, when violently injured by the Sabeans,
the Chaldeans, and by Satan, took no account of these, but as a righteous
and very holy man exclaimed with no less truth than piety: The Lord gave,
the Lord has taken away. The words and the example of that man of patience
should, therefore, convince Christians, and the conviction is most just,
that whatever chastisements we endure in this life come from the hand of
God, the Father and Author of all justice and mercy. He chastises us not as
enemies, but, in His infinite goodness, corrects us as children. To view the
matter in its true light, men, in these cases, are nothing more than the
ministers and agents of God. One man, it is true, may cherish the worst
feelings towards another, he may harbor the most malignant hatred against
him; but, without the permission of God, he can do him no injury. This is
why Joseph was able patiently to endure the wicked counsels of his brethren,
and David, the injuries inflicted on him by Semei.? Here also applies an
argument which St. Chrysostom has ably and learnedly handled. “It is that no
man is injured but by himself. Let the man, who considers himself injured by
another, consider the matter in the right way and he will certainly find
that he has received no injury or loss from others. For although he may have
experienced injury from external causes, he is himself his greatest enemy by
wickedly staining his soul with hatred, malevolence and envy” (cf. 5th