Bishop Finn

My friend Dino Durando has worked with Bishop Finn as head of the Family Life Office in the diocese of Kansas City Missouri.  When I was looking for a bishop to support me in my vocation to start the Order of St. Pius V to promote the Latin Rites, Dino talked to Bishop Finn and set up an appointment for me to meet with him.

FEAST_ME_052905_RS_0098F.IMGHe asked me what I thought about the New Mass.  I was very honest and told him I did not like it.  I told him it was because the New Mass, (Novus Ordo Mass), was, (for the first time in the history of the Catholic Church), created by liturgist.  Where as when you take the Latin Mass, it comes from the time Christ, and over time, gradually, and in small increments, developed into what we now have contained in the Tridentine Roman Missal.

He said was very kind and said he would pray and think about supporting me.  He also told me that he prayed the Leonine Exorcism prayer everyday, one day in Latin and the other in English.  We have that in common, but I pray it in Latin.

For a long time he has been critical of the The National Catholic Reporter Newspaper.  They are located in Kansas City Missouri too.  He asked them to take the word ‘Catholic’ out of their title.  As of yet they have not heeded his request.  They want to be ‘Catholic’ and go against much of Catholic tradition.  Many powerful people in the Church’s hierarchy support the liberal positions of this paper.   But most of them are old Catholics and will be taking their leave as the Biological Solution takes its toll.  Old powerful liberal people die just like everyone else.

When I arrived for the appointment with bishop Finn, Dino arranged for me to offer the Latin Mass in the Chancery’s chapel.  Many of the diocesan staff assisted.  It was such a joy to be able to actually offer the Latin Mass in a chancery.

So it is with great sorrow that I hear of the resignation of Bishop Finn.  It does not surprise me, because behind the scenes, the liberals are out to get anyone who goes against their ‘religious, liturgical and political correctness’.  Jesus was treated the same way by the church authorities of His time.  Here are some quotes from a letter written by a priest in what was Bishop Finn’s diocese.tumblr_n6vq5427Ms1r6mdnjo1_500

‘For years before the bishop’s arrival, there had been in place a bleak outlook on the future shape of the church, a church without many priests, a church run “out of necessity” by laypeople, lay administrators, with priests as the sacramental suppliers, not leaders. It was said a lack of vocations was the reason for the new organizational principles adopted here, but, in fact, the lack of vocations was self-inflicted. Certain radicalized theologians and catechetical experts after the council had predicted a priest-less church, and some labored to bring this to fruition. In the’90’s in our diocese we sometimes had less than 5 seminarians in any given year, and this reality was used to prop up the idea that the post-Vatican II church was meant to be a new church, with a new organizational chart.  (We will have 10 new priests in this fiscal year, and have had many in the past several years).’

‘Those who are celebrating the departure of Bishop Finn now began their work long ago, not because of the Ratigan case, but because Bishop Finn rejected their view of church reality. He was an “arch-conservative,” “pre-Vatican II,” “trying to take us back to the medieval church,” all these bits of nonsense that covered up the real truth: Post-conciliar ego and pride, the belief that we finally knew more than those thousands of saints who had gone before us, had led to the destruction of much of our church, the loss of clergy and religious, compromise with the world, especially in moral matters, the endangering of our families and children, and our own spiritual bankruptcy. The “Springtime of the Church of Vatican II” has never come, because we, in our smug superiority, had severed our connection with our past and Catholic Tradition. The tree cannot flower without its roots intact.’   From Abyssum Abyssum Invocat / Deep Calls To Deep Blog.