St. Pope Pius V Prayer

This is no politically or liturgically correct Collect prayer from the Feast of St. Pius V.Pius V_stained glass_Lawrence

Let us pray.
‘O God, Who when Thou wast pleased to break the teeth of them that hate thy Church, and to restore again the solemn worship of thyself, didst choose the blessed Pope Pius to work for thee in that matter, grant that he may still be a tower of strength for us grant that we also may be more than conquerors over all that make war upon our souls, and in the end may enter into perfect peace in thy presence.’

More than ever, we need to again restore the solemn worship of God as St. Pope Pius V accomplished.  We have had enough of the solemn worship of man in our churches, (please the people with music, clapping, jokes, ‘prayer’ facing them, dramas, dances and everyone getting in on the ‘Show’.