St. Pope Pius V Miracle

As most of you know, I feel my vocation is to promote traditional Catholicism where ever I can.  The fact is that hardly any Catholics know anything about the great treasures that the Catholic faith has and of which have been buried in the ground since Vatican II.
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 This is the purpose of this blog.  To educate people about the power, sacredness and beauty of traditional Catholicism.  I call it traditional because most people only know about ‘modern’ Catholicism.

hallTo accomplish my mission, I asked for a year off from my diocese to find a bishop to support me in my vocation.  But I was put under so much pressure that I decided to help out at St. Catherine’s parish here in Phoenix Arizona.  My diocese has given me 3 years to help here.

In the preparation for my mission, I started getting a non-profit corporation set up.  Its name is ‘Order Of St. Pius V’.  I chose this name the because it was by St Pius V promoting the praying of the Holy Rosary that save Europe from the muslims by ensuring that his fleet won the decisive battle of Lepanto in 1571.  I chose this name also because of St. Pius V’s involvement in the determining that ancient Roman Catholic Missal was the only Missal to be used, (If they were not using another missal for the last 200 years).

IMG_0522Thanks to the wonderful lawyers, (pro bono), helped me set up the Non-profit religious Corporation.  Then a year and a half ago a family, (who use to go to the Latin Mass at St Patricks), donated a two acre lot in Prescott Arizona to help me with my mission of spreading the Latin Mass.  It has been on the market ever since then.

annunciation_BOTTICELLI, Sandro 2Finally, on the feast of the Annunciation, it sold.  But as you know, you never can count your money till the deal closes.  So, finally I was told that they would be closing on May 7 if all went well.  I called the Title Company officer and asked if it would be possible to close on May 5th because it was the feast of St. Pius V.  I signed all the documents and the Real Estate agent called me today to say first, happy St. Pius V feast day and secondly that the escrow had closed.

s_pius_vWe are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have God, Mary and the Angels and Saints helping us out.  We are suffering, but God helps us and consoles us when we really need it.
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