St Pope Pius V May 5

s_pius_vSt. Pope Pius V was born at Bosco in Lombardy, entered the Order of Preachers at the age of fourteen. When he had been ordained to the priesthood, he preached in many churches, and his sermons bore much spiritual fruit. For a long time he carried out the office of Inquisitor in a way that was both vigorous and praiseworthy. He was promoted by Paul IV to the bishoprick of Nepi and Sutri, and two years later he was enrolled among the Cardinals of the Church.
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Pius IV transferred him to the See of Mondóvi in Piedmont, where he visited his whole diocese and remedied many abuses. Thereafter, he returned to Rome, where he was engaged in many important affairs. When Pius IV died, he was elected Pope, contrary to all expectation ; and thereafter he changed nothing in his way of life except his outer garments.

piusvLepantoNot so much by arms as by the prayers he poured out, he overcame Selim, the Sultan of the Turks, who had gathered together a huge fleet at Lepanto. In the year 1572, while preparing a new expedition against the Turks, he died peacefully in the Lord, at the age of sixty-eight. His body is venerated by the faithful in the basilica of St. Mary Major. Clement XI enrolled him among the Saints.