Traditional Catholic Miracle From St. Monica

I offered the Latin Mass on the feast of St.
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Monica (May 4).  Right afterwards, a woman wanted to talk to me.  Her 14 year old son, Cesar, had changed all of a sudden.  He will not talk, just stays in his room and will not go to school.  His mother was desperate.  She had even had to call the youth crisis line and they had sent the police.

Monica_Death of_GOZZOLI, BenozzoSt. Monica’s Death

I asked her if she and her husband were living good lives.  She said yes and knew quite a lot about St. Monica and St. Terese.  In spite of all I have to do to get caught up after being in Mexico, but I offered to go to her house to talk with Cesar.  She said no because he will not talk to anyone and is extremely mad.

In spite of her objection and my own selfish desires to get on with what I had to do, I talked her into me following her to her house.  When we arrived, Cesar was in his room.
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 But he came out, shook my hand and came into the living room.  I talked with him and he would answer with short answers.
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 He was very polite to me and we, (mostly I did the talking), talked for quite a long time.  It was a very meaningful discussion.  I told him I could see a lot of good in him.

Before I left, I asked him if I could bless him with Holy Water.  He said yes.  I asked him to kneel down and then blessed him.  I then blessed the whole house.  I also showed him the long prayer it takes to traditionally bless Holy Water and Houses.  He was very polite to me.

The mother’s sister had died from cancer and remembers when I gave her Extreme Unction in Latin and offer the Requiem Mass.  She says people here, and in Mexico, still comment on the sacredness of her funeral.  She said they did not understand, but they felt the sacredness.

Please keep praying for all these families and sick people.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to believe in miracles.