Latin Does Drive The Devil Away

The last night I was in Mexico City, I was very tired from packing up the house, the chapel and travels.  In spite of my fatigue, I helped my friends who were desperate over the satanic manifestations that had been taking place in their bedroom for a long time.  From 12:30 to 3:30 am, their bed and other things would shake.  They are such good friends and they were completely exhausted from not being able to sleep, desperate and full of fear from all these weird experience that continued to happen every night.

IMG_3994Bible Study-Prayer Group at the house where all the manifestations were taking place.

So I exorcized a lot of salt and water and blessed them and mixed them together with the Latin prayers.  I then exorcized and blessed their St. Benedict medals and blessed their bedroom with the Holy Water.  Then, in my own room, I prayed my daily Exorcism prayer of Pope Leo XIII.

As I wrote previously, that night the wife woke up with pain in her arms and legs.  Her husband put the exorcised Holy Water on her and she was able to sleep all night through.  I just received a phone call from her that all the satanic manifestations have stopped.  She called to thank me so so much.  Finally peace has come to their family.

holy-sacrifice-of-the-mass-freeing-souls-from-purgatoryAs I said before, they were not interested in the Latin Mass or other traditional Catholic things.  They are just good Novus Ordo Catholics and whom go to mass every Sunday.  But since the miracle of the liberation from the satanic harassment, they went to the Latin Mass and are praying in Latin.  They are even doing the Angelus in Latin.

Now they are putting the Exorcized blessed Holy Water in small bottles to give to the sick and others who are going through terrible times.   So, God continues to do miracle through traditional Catholicism.  We are so blessed to have the powerful prayers and sacraments of traditional Catholicism.