St. Joseph Humble Worker May 1

God has given us the example of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, to show us how to live happy lives, while waiting for the happiness of heaven.  But most people would rather imitate sports heroes, movie stars and singers in their search for meaning and happiness.

stjosephWe traditional Catholics have the great opportunity to delve into the heart of Holy Scriptures to find the way to happiness.  And one of these very clear paths to happiness is in following the Holy Family’s example.

Since I am writing about St. Joseph, I will concentrate more on his example that most of us, and especially us men, can follow.

StJosephSt. Joseph was obedient to God.  Whatever God asked him to do, he was quick to obey.  As difficult as that may be, each one of us can start being obedient to God by saying NO to SIN and YES to God’s will.  Because he was perfectly obedient to God, Jesus and Mary were obedient to him.  He was truly the head of the Holy Family.

All men should be the head of their families.  But before they can be good holy heads, they need to be totally subjected to God and only do what is pleasing to Him.  As soon as the angel informed St. Joseph of what God will, he immediately acted on what God told him to do.  Many of us have a hard time obeying God and doing it immediately.  We always can come up with some pretext to put off what God is asking us to do right away, or what God is asking us to stop doing, right away.

St. Joseph was full of love and respect for Jesus and Mary.  They lived in the very simple small house of Loretto.  Because that house was so full of love, its size and simplicity wasn’t noticed.  Everyone felt the strong love that permeated that home, flowing out of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph.

holy_family_carpenter_shopAre our homes full of love?

  • Or are they full of things,
  • or full of fighting,
  • or full of TV,
  • or full of loud bad music,
  • or full of lust,
  • or full of immodest clothing,
  • or full of pornography,
  • or full of alcohol and drugs?

St. Joseph protected Jesus and Mary from the death attempt made on Jesus by King Herod.  He is still the protector of the Holy Catholic Church.  He put his own safety behind that of Mary and Jesus.  Are we men protectors of our wives and children?  Or do we instead hurt them?  Do we allow our children to be murdered by abortion?

st josephSt. Joseph was a virgin.  Many tales make St. Joseph into an old man because they cannot imagine a virile young man living a chaste life with the Virgin Mary.
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 St. Joseph loved God, Mary and Jesus more than the passing pleasure of sex.  Jesus also was totally virile, but he was completely chaste too.  St. Joseph treated Mary as his wife, not his sexual toy to exploit.  We tend to impose our sexual deviance on to the Holy Saints.

St Joseph was a worker.  He provided for Mary and Jesus.  Mary was not the one who helped earned the money that they needed to survive.  Only men should be out in the work force.  Women entering into the work force, take jobs away for men and lower salaries.  Mary was home cooking and cleaning for Jesus and St. Joseph.  She kept the warmth of love alive in the house of Nazareth.  She did not get her identity from a job or profession.  Her identity was the Mother of God and the humble wife of St. Joseph.  Men need to be working and producing something, in order to feel their self worth.

St. Joseph is the TERROR OF DEMONS.  God has placed his humble servant at such a high level, that the devils dread him.  The more we are people of prayer and humility, the more fearful the demons are of us too.  st-joseph-patron-of-the-church

St. Joseph was a man of prayer and Holy Scriptures.  All his work was a prayer.  He loved Holy Scripture and put it into practice.  May each one of us learn from St. Joseph and imitate his virtues.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be able to value the saints like St. Joseph.