When In Need, Traditional Catholicism Works

To return to Mexico City from Malinalco, I have to take a small collective van for an hour, then, a bus to the Metro in Mexico City, then two subways to get to where I have friends.  Everywhere you go you see the poverty, the struggle and the goodness of the Mexican people.IMG_3989

Visited with old friends who then took me to friends who were having prayer in their house.  The mother, (who died 5 years ago), started this prayer group over 20 years ago.  They meet Monday through Friday at 7 pm to read the Novus Ordo readings of the day, discuss what they mean and how they can put them into practice.  Most of the people who come every evening are old now.  They have a ‘Charismatic’ flare to the group, but do not speak in tongues or pray over people.  We could use more small prayer groups to help people to learn the Holy Bible and help each other out.IMG_3991

Every time I would visit Mexico City, I would offer mass for this prayer group in Spanish.  Now that I try to only offer the Holy Latin Mass, they do not understand.  I simply said I already offered the Latin Mass and that is what I have discovered is the most sacred form of offering the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.  Since all they know is the Spanish New Mass, they do not understand me.IMG_3994

But things are changing.  The daughter of the family has been having very bad manifestation of the devil.  Every night the bed starts to shake, her two daughter are scared, as well as her husband.  She desperately wanted me to pray for her.

So, I exorcized salt, water, mixed them and blessed the water in the Latin Form.
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  Then I exorcized the St. Benedict medals and blessed them and the room with the Latin Form.  And I sprinkled Holy Water on them and the medals.  They were so happy.  The daughter had strange pains last night, but after putting the Holy Water on her, she felt fine.
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She and her husband are desperate for help and are good friends.  This allowed me to explain the power of traditional Catholic Latin Mass, Holy Water and other prayers.  So, for us who have discovered and know the great power of the Holy Latin Mass and other Latin prayers, we can help desperate people love it too by helping them when they are having serious problems.

I also explained to my friend how I am not in favor of the Charismatic Catholicism because it opens them up to things they should not be experiencing and ‘God’ speaking to them.  I told her that the contemplative prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament is the greatest way of praying outside of the Holy Latin Mass.

It was raining very hard in Mexico City when I woke up.  This storm caused a long delay before our plane could take off.  The pilot told us it was because of the bad weather and that there was going to be a lot of turbulence.  I do not like turbulence at all.  My nerves do not have faith, I do.  So while we were waiting for takeoff, I did my Exorcism Prayer, and the Breviary.  I put my life into the hands of God and especially asked St. Catherine of Siena, whose feast day it is, to take care of us.  By the time we finally took off, it was clear skies and there was absolutely no turbulence.

In making my plans to go to Mexico, I forgot St.
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Catherine’s feast day and did not plan being back in my parish for her feast day.  A few days ago I saw it in the Latin Missal.  So I changed my ticket from 4 pm to 7 am, to be able to be back in my parish in time to offer a Missa Cantata at 5:30 pm.  I called the head of the altar boys to have the 10 boys ready and the organist to get the choir ready.  So, thanks be to God, I will be back in the parish to offer a beautiful Latin Mass for St. Catherine.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have the powerful Latin Mass and all the other powerful Latin prayers.