Traditional Catholicism Or Fear Of Curses

Many people here in Mexico, with whom I have talked, go to see witch doctors or ‘brujos’ when they feel that things are going bad or they are sick and the doctor can find nothing wrong with them.
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 They believe that an enemy has paid to have curses put on them and that is why this sickness or bad thing is happening to them.

Il Santo Sacrificio della Messa 09So they go to these ‘brujos’ and they always confirm their fears that someone has indeed done witchcraft against them and that they can help them.  But you have to pay money, and sometimes a lot of money.

I explain to them that God is more powerful than any curse.  I also explain that it is easy to imagine that so in so, who is mad or jealous of you, has cursed you.  Everyone has enemies.  So the ‘brujos’ know this and they conjure up reasons why they need to pay a lot of money to them to reverse the curses of these enemies.

Our problems usually come from our SINS.  The problems we suffer are the consequences  of our personal sins or those around us.  Going to these ‘brujos’ only makes things worse because now you have the devil working against you too.  All of these things work with the power of the devil even if these ‘brujos’ use Catholic prayers, candles and have saint pictures around.

Virgen de GuadalupeGod is our protector.  We are in His hands.  We put all our trust in Him, Mary and all the other angels and saints that are watching out for us.

I am leaving Malinalco for Mexico City.  I will spend one day their.  Again, last night a young women went to confession in the first time of her life.
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 I keep on talking about modesty and all the other things God asks us to do and obey.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have God’s protection.
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