Fix Cars Or Fix People

I went to get some trees to plant in the soccer field behind the house here.  These trees give privacy, but more so, make a tall wall to keep the soccer ball from going into the neighbor’s yard, or over into the creek.  Some of the trees have died from some disease. The soccer field is small, but works very well for playing soccer with the local boys everyday.  The goal posts are made of PBC pipes and come apart easily.

IMG_7991As I was driving back the old mercedes and going over some speed bumps, the whole muffler came loose from its rubber supports and it began to drag on the road.  It was quite a way from any shop.  So I pulled over and went to a house and asked for a piece of wire.  They had to look hard to find a piece.  Thanks be to God, they found some and I wired up the muffler to the bumper and made it to the mechanic.  May God reward them.  How important is a small amount of wire when you really need it.  

The battery keeps running down, not charging right and the car is not starting.  So I carry an extra battery with me to jump start it.

The old chevy Cavalier is at the mechanics because the brake pedal is almost down to the floor.  I had the back pads replaced and a leaking cylinder replaced.  But now the breaks hardly work.  On go the problems with old cars in a third world town.Tiro de gracia al Padre ProBlessed Miguel Pro being shot in the head to put him out of his misery.

But I am writing this to say I that I am not going to put much attention to the cars breaking down, even though I need them.  I am going to continue to help people get a spiritual tune up and life overhaul.

The young man Baldamar’s parents wanted me to go to get them to come to the Latin Mass.  He is the one who was so violent.  So I drove over to their house to get them.  They did tie up his hands while in the car so that no surprises happened while we were driving, but he behaved perfect.  On the way back the mercedes started to heat up.  But we did make it.  Baldamar behaved perfect with great devotion during the Latin Mass and played soccer with his dad and the boys afterwards.  It just gave me so much joy to see him out free in the Latin Mass and behaving so well.

Rogelio, (who got cured from depression), also came with his wife to the Latin Mass.  He had to still to go to confession.  Right off, he asked to go to confession.  After taking Baldamar and his family back to their home, (without the car breaking down), I went and had dinner with Rogelio, his wife and 2 daughters.  We spoke about the greatness of God, true morals and how he loves that I wear the cassock so that it can give people hope in a difficult world.Vega recién ordenado

Many people came to the Latin Mass as well.  I have now idea how they are hearing about it.  Many had to stand outside.  Afterward I gave them exorcized Holy Water.  A single mother and her beautiful little girl came too and talked with me.  Her mother told me that the grandmother told her to abort the little girl.  She also decided to change her life and go to confession after many years.

This may seem boring to many of you, but for me, it is like seeing God work through simple things and saving souls, one at a time.  It is so wonderful to work for God as a traditional Catholic.  We are all so blessed to be traditional Catholics.  But we need to share our faith and knowledge with everyone we can and help them find TRUE Catholicism.