Traditional Catholic Respect For God In Holy Eucharist

A man asked if I could hear his confession and bring him Holy Communion since he is old and has a hard time walking.   I had two altar boys dress in Cassock and Surplice to accompany me with the paten and a bell as we walked through the streets of Malinalco on the way to Don Thomas’ house.  Many other people accompanied me too.  As we walked by people, I would explain to them that I was carrying Jesus/God to a sick person.
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 Before I gave Don Thomas Holy Communion.vatican-2-openedCartoon says; “Vatican II opened the Church, and all the people have exited.”

I hate to say it, but I was a bit conscientious about what people would think as I walk through town with altar boys wearing Cassocks and ringing a bell.  But I remind myself, and those who accompanied me, that we have God, who created heaven and earth, with us, and that He deserves respect and quiet as we carried Him to the sick man.

Jesus has become the ‘NO ONE’ and we have made ourselves ‘the important ones’ and because of this, we have forgotten who God is and His greatness.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to at least know that God is great, even if we tend to forget it and, at times, make ourselves too important.

Padre David UribePadre David Uribe Mexican Martyr for Christ The King.

Another traditional Catholic miracle.  After taking Jesus in Holy Communion to Don Thomas, I was walking to see another sick man, Jorge.  I ran into Rogelio, (who has been depressed since December when his dad was killed by a truck accident), walking up the hill.  He told me that after I prayed for him, he slept for a half hour and woke up with a complete sense of peace and well being.  I had prayed for him on Thursday and this was Sunday.
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 God never ceases to amaze me.  Thank you for praying for these sick people too.

I also prayed for a woman who has lost her memory after being in a coma for months, a boy Rodrigo, who has convulsions and Jorge who was also in the hospital a long time and now cannot walk at all.