Traditional Catholic Confession Gives Health

The young lady Itzel, who was so sick the other day, has improved so much that she was able to go to Holy Mass today.  Everyday since we prayed for her, she has gotten better and better.  Thanks to the power of Confession, conversion and Holy Water.

IMG_3944This little boy liked wearing my Cappello Romano.  IMG_3927His mother’s brother is who committed suicide two years ago when he was only 14 years old.  His mom is a single mother who will be going into the Mexican army soon.  Too bad.IMG_3931Here is a miniature Mexican dragon.  No it is only a Chameleon. 

IMG_3919This is the man who passed out or died and entered into a terrible darkness where he saw red and black people.
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  Every time he would tell me about this he would cry.   He had never gone to confession in his life.  He was an orphan since 6 years old.  He is getting better, but is very sick still from the sin of drinking too much.   His penance was to tell everyone that Hell exist.

We are so blessed to be able to traditional Catholics and to receive so many blessings from these powerful instruments God gave to His Church to heal us, forgive us and save us.
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