Traditional Catholic Cassock and Holy Water Works

IMG_3829Offering The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass In My Small Chapel Here In Mexico

A mother came to beg me to go see her son who is very violent and has to be tied up and locked in a small room.  She showed me a video of one of his very violent episodes.  He has been this way for 5 years.  His grandmother believes in Curandero and Limpios.

Virgen de GuadalupeMany Mexicans go to these ‘Curers’ who use prayers to saints and do ‘cleanings’ by rubbing a egg over the body of the sick person.  They usually tell the people that someone has done witchcraft against them and that they need to pay them to counter act the problem.  They can charge up to thousands of dollars, light a candle and say that they will take care of everything.  I explained to them how evil it is to go to Brujos or Curanderos for Limpios.

Fusilamiento de ToralMartyr For Christ The King And Our Lady Of Guadalupe

The parents of the young man, (Baldamar 23 years old), had to sell their two lands and nothing has helped.  Baldamar may be schizophrenic, but who knows.  I asked if he had been into bad things and they said no.  But the father was a drunkard for many years.
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 And Baldamar was very close to his grandmother who believes in these Limpios.

10 of us squeezed into the old Chevy Cavalier and drove a 1/2 an hour to go to pray for him.  I was scared, from everything the mother had told me and from all the years of experience I have from when I helped the mentally ill while running St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in Santa Cruz California.

Before we went to Baldamar’s house, I blessed the neighbors house and land after they agreed to close their store on Sunday and to obey God’s Laws of Love.

When we reached Baldamar’s parents tiny house, he was locked in a small room.  The father was afraid to let him out of the room because he could get violent or run away.  I went up to him and he began talking to me very calmly.  His father said he had been very agitated all day long.  He came out of his room and as we talked, he was as peaceful as a lamb.  He even went to confession with me.

Miguel de la MoraIt just shows the power of the traditional Cassock and exorcized Holy Water.  As soon as I approached him, he knew I was a priest and reacted to that.  (I have photos which I will put on the blog when they arrive via Mexican Cyber Space in the form of snail-emails).

I asked the dad to ask for forgiveness from his wife and son for having been a drunkard for so many years.  I had Baldamar’s parents ask God and him to forgive them for having taken him to Curanderos.  Baldamar then asked them for forgiveness for having been so violent.  Then they all hugged each other and forgave each other.

Baldamar even said he wanted to be a priest.  I told him to first get well, then anything is possible for God.  I also told him to look at his small cell that he is locked in to be like a monk’s cell where he can pray and do penance.  (The parents are still afraid to let him free from their past experience).

Today I went to bless a house where there are strange things happening.  But the son is living with his girlfriend there and I said I could not bless the house until they are going to live according to God’s Loving Laws.  They are going to discuss it and I will go back.  The son just got out of prison.  He is a tough guy with a lot of tattoos, but he listened and said it would be hard at first to give up sin, but eventually it would get easier.  While we were still there talking, a family tracked me down to go see Sophia who is dying.  Off we went.

May God help us to keep on helping others by God’s saving power and traditional Catholic sacramentals.