Third World Is Hard To Live In

Since I have been here in Malinalco, my time has been consumed in the Long Latin Breviary, the Holy Latin Mass, hearing confessions, visiting the sick and blessing homes where there have been strange things happening.

IMG_3898The other time has been to try to get the very old golf cart going, the 1991 Chevy Cavalier going and the 1980 mercedes going.  My parents left these cars here to get around with. They continue to break down one after another.  They are left here un-used while I am in the United States, so they fall apart.  There is one auto parts store in the town.  They have some parts and can order other parts.  It takes 2 days to a week for a part to come in.  I waited to get a part for two days and the part never came in.  Most of the people have old junky cars and some how they keep them going.  We are so blessed in the US to be able to get parts easily.

IMG_3793Here at my house the water only comes every other day.  In the small town, up the hill, they only get water every third day.  My water ran out the other day, but thank God I have another small holding tank and I pump it up to the tank so that I have a little water.  But this water is dirty water and contaminates the water tank.  I am going to put bleach in it.

Right now I am getting around on foot or the community taxis where everyone jumps into them and gets out where they want to be left off on the taxis’ route.

Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary_stained glassWe are so blessed to have so much.  We need to be very thankful for all we have, especially spiritual riches that come from being traditional Catholics.