Good Traditional Catholic News

No, the pope has not converted.  Let us keep praying for that miracle.  But when I went to the hospital in Tenancingo and prayed and heard confession for all the sick people, God really worked.  Yesterday, the lady, Maria America was able to come home.  She told me that many of the people I prayed for were released from the hospital.

Scan 27Modernist who persecuted the Catholics in Mexico using the Church for a dining room

One man, whose picture I did not put on the blog, had been in the hospital for 3 months and had had his leg amputated.  I asked him what a the worse problem he had, he said boredom.  He went home after the prayers.  I am sure many of you prayed for these sick people and that that helped them get better too.  Thank you.

Today I went to see more sick people, one 14 year old girl who all of a sudden got sick.  Her godmother came to get me.  She had come yesterday, but I could not go because I had to give a class to parents and godparents for the First Holy Communion children.

jimlersch_eucharist800Nevertheless, she stayed for the Latin mass in my small chapel.  Again, she said that she had never felt so much peace.  She came today to take me to see the sick girl with another woman.
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 They both had dresses below the knees.  I thanked them for their modesty and they said that my words had touched their hearts and that they want to live according to how God wants, not the world.

Last night at the parents and godparents class, I went over all the same things I always go over.  God’s Commandments are laws of LOVE because He does not want us to get hurt.  About Television taking away their children’s innocence.  Cell phones that parents pay for are what boys use to look at pornography.  Modesty and dressing like the Virgin Mary. Enough money comes for those who love God without working of Sunday.  Children are the greatest gift that God can give to anyone, so never use birthcontrol.  Take time to go to Mass, no matter how horrible the priest may be.

IMG_7398Today I heard more terrible things about a priest who just left this town and would not allow me to have the Latin Mass.  The bishops and priests are so against the Latin Mass, yet they allow terrible immoral activity by priests.  Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

Mike, who has been helping me here in Malinalco, said his wife just told him that one of the main bosses behind the kidnapping here in Mexico was caught in Tenancingo where we went to the hospital.  She is afraid something will happen to him.  That is where the bishop lives who is in charge of Malinalco.  Could not these bishops allow a priest to say the Latin Mass, when so much evil is going on here in Mexico?

We traditional Catholic will just keep on speaking the truth and helping a few people at a time.  The godmother who came to get me took me to her house to bless it.  Her two young sons are architects.  As a single mother, she helped them get ahead.  I showed them all about my blog and about traditional Catholicism.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know God’s TRUTH and LOVE.