Is It Worth Sharing Traditional Catholicism?

Continue to visit many Mexicans families, blessing their homes, praying for the sick and hearing their confessions will never be able to go to the Holy Latin Mass.  (That is all the time when I am not offering it here in my tiny chapel at my house.
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 I wonder what I can do to help them at least have an introduction to what pleases God so much.Estandarte

In spite of this reality, I continue to explain to them the difference.  The reason I do this is that for many years I offered the mass in Spanish here and they all want that again.  But I tell them that ‘only if I am obliged by my parish’ will I offer the New Mass.  Then I tell them that the pastor here in Malinalco will not allow me to offer the Latin Mass.

Then they ask me the difference between the two masses.  I begin to explain that the Holy Mass is really the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross offered for our sins and to give us graces through His Body and Blood to be holy people.

A doctor who is helping at the Buen Samaritano Hospital was very interested in everything I had to say about the Latin Mass.  The Sisters are not interested.  They are kind charitable nuns helping the poor.  But, because of their training, they are not interested in learning about what pleases God in the case of liturgy.  Everywhere they go, it is totally the correct thing to do, the New Mass, period.  There is no other reality.

IMG_3876Doctor Guillermo and two of the Sisters of the Buen Samaritano

Doctor Guillermo is very interested because he wants to be holy and trust a priest who tells it like it is.  When you give the facts; Latin Mass 1800 years old, New Mass 44 years old, holy intelligent people listen.  When you tell them that Mary is at the foot of the cross at the Holy Mass and that it is a sacrifice on Calvary, it touches them.  Mass is not a social.  When you tell them that the Holy Mass is to give back an hour to God in the form that pleases Him and not all about what I want and what I like or what I understand, holy people listen and want to learn more.  IMG_3865

I continue to go have many people coming to me for confession and to talk to me about their problems.  I continue to be taken everywhere to pray with the sick.  Everywhere I go I continue to share traditional Catholic morals and modesty.  When visiting the sick, I ran into a young woman in a long skirt.  I assumed that she was not a Catholic.  I approached her and congratulated her on her modesty.  I asked if she was protestant and she said yes.  I told her I admired her way of dressing and asked her to be open to the truth that is found in the Catholic faith.
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 I told her where I lived.  It was a beautiful exchange of respect.  I have still had no time to rest.  IMG_3862

It is so so wonderful being a traditional Catholic and to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass along with all the other treasures from heaven.