Traditional Catholic Priest Visits Hospital In Mexico

A friend of mine, Maria America, is in the hospital at Tenancingo Edo de Mex.  Her husband Angel asked me to go to visit her.  Mike, Angel and two young friends went with me.  We had to get there before visiting hours ended in 1 hour.

We filled a taxi and took off for the 45 minute trip praying the Holy Rosary.  Half way there, the taxi had a flat tire and the spare was out of air.  IMG_3898We were running out of time.  I flagged down a small Toyota pickup who allowed us to sit in the back. IMG_3900 They were so kind as to even take us right to the hospital.  We made it in time.IMG_3904

As soon as I entered into the hospital, because I am in my cassock, people began to ask me to go pray for their sick relatives.  There was a woman who was gravely ill and I heard her confession.  The daughter went to confession too.  IMG_3906This young man went to confession too.

It was very sad seeing so many sick people, but it was so profound seeing all the people having faith in the prayers of a priest.

IMG_3905Maria America is a woman I have known for some time now.  She had a brain tumor removed in Dec.  Then she had her appendix removed.  Now she lost her strength in her legs.  But she is getting better.IMG_3902

Talking to her, she has truly become a Catholic Christian.  She understood everything I talked about.  She is already living a life as Jesus wants.  Many people know her and I am telling them all to learn from her.  Her husband too has really converted too.
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Isn’t it interesting we need to go through a great deal of suffering or sickness to be able to convert to true Catholics.

This morning a the grandma, the daughter and the granddaughter came looking for me.  The granddaughter has some spirit coming around her for a long time.  It has even caused the furniture in the house to shake.

After a long time of explaining what it means to be Catholic, (go to mass every Sunday, no sex, dress modestly, no work on Sunday, no bad music, TV or movies), I invited her to go to confession.  But she said she would think about it.  And she is right.  You cannot just say OK without being willing deep in your soul to stop sinning.

I told her to listen to the good that is deep in her soul and not to the 3 enemies, the devil, the flesh and the world.  I said that God probably has a special mission for her, but the devil doesn’t want her to accomplish it.

Her parents do not go to mass every Sunday, even though they try to live good lives.  But I explained to the mother that her daughter was not protected because her father is not being the spiritual protector of the family by missing Sunday mass.

The grandma was a good Catholic and understood what I said.  She probably is 80 years old.  I told the mother and daughter that they would miss the holiness of the grandmother after she died.  These holy old women are not appreciated until they die.  Then the whole family usually separates and there is no one to pray for them.  crucifix

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have the whole truth and God’s protection from the devil by all of the sacramentals we correctly believe in, (The crucifix, Holy Water, St, Benedict’s medal and the scapular.