The Traditional Catholic Latin Mass Crash Courses

One of the young men at St. Catherine, (Phoenix Az), Leonardo, invited his family to come to meet me here in Malinalco.  They lived three hours away.  They hired a small bus and almost all of the family came.  (To bad the photos about what is taking place take days to come by email.)  I have not figured out how to send them directly from my iPhone 6 to my computer.  Rogier van der Weyden_c.1445_Vienna, KH

The neighbor, who I taught how to serve the Latin Mass, came with 5 of his friends.  Other people from the neighborhood came.  So many came, that many had to stay outside of the tiny chapel.

We waited to have the Latin Mass so that the family of Leonardo could experience it.  He loves it and wanted his family to experience it.  The man who drove the small bus had never experience it before and he said it gave him a peace that he had never felt before.

Before we started offering the Holy Mass, I showed this picture below to help the people understand that the Mass is a sacrifice, not a feel good prayer.   Traditional Latin MassAs the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Thank God Mike is here and I use him to show people when to kneel, sit and stand in the Latin Mass.  Some of the people here keep wanting to respond.  I keep announcing before the homily that ONLY THE ALTAR BOY RESPONDS.  Mike said he turned around a few times and kindly said; ‘Shush’.

After the holy mass we had breakfast.  One of the neighbors brought some eggs, I had a lot of bread for toast, we made some coffee from what is grown here locally in Malinalco. Another woman went and brought some tortillias.  We put a table out on the lawn and over twenty people were able to eat.

Then we began to talk about the holy Mass and true Catholic morals.  We talk about it being a contemplative prayer directed to God and not to man.  I explain to the people how the masons, (who were behind Presidente Elias Plutarco Calles killing of the Cristeros), are also to blame for getting rid of the Latin Mass because it united the Catholics in One Holy Catholic Church with One Holy Latin Mass.  (Yes there is an insignificant number who are Catholics and have the Divine Liturgy in Greek, Russian and Aramaic.  But in comparison to the Billion who used the Roman Missal in Latin the number is small.)

One of the young men said he did not understand Latin and I give the same answer; I am not speaking to you, I am speaking to God and He understands His sacred language.

Ever since I have been here I have yet to have a minute to rest.  This afternoon we play soccer at 3 pm, and then off to another city to visit someone who is very sick in the hospital there.  Her husband came yesterday to ask me to go and I said ok.

God continues to work here in wonderful ways.  I just wish that the photos would be available to show the great things that are happening.  We are so so blessed to know what  it means to have 2000 years of traditional Catholicism.