Non Traditional Catholic Mexico

Here we were, Mike French and myself at the airport.  The Cappello Romano is a lot of work to travel with, (I might leave it behind on one of the means of transportation and they are so hard to get, only in Rome as far as I can see), but it is a great means of communicating traditional Catholicism without a word.IMG_3774IMG_3794Mike is a retired fireman, but he restores cars.
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 He resurrected the golf cart that has not started for 6 years.  Just one of the tires is bad, so I have to find another one.  He is a great help to me get things working here, (like un-cloging the drain, starting the weed eater and many other wonderful things that help me a lot).  When you leave a place alone, things need a lot of work.IMG_3793Here is a picture of the Old Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe before Vatican II.  It is truly dignified.
IMG_3778This is the ugly Novus Ordo Basilica.
IMG_3787IMG_3790I am having a very hard time getting photos to email to me so I can put them on the blog.  They take two or three days to arrive.  But that is good, because life is slower this way.IMG_3795These are some of the beautiful flowers that grow in this semi-tropical climate of Malinalco.
IMG_3806 IMG_3797IMG_3799IMG_3803IMG_3809Children always bring a lot of joy to us.  In the United States you can ask: ‘where have all the Children gone.’
IMG_3842 This is Jose.  Pray for him.  He is the one who had the kidney transplant from his dad.IMG_3846Today, more visiting of the sick.  One old man is very sick from getting drunk, (he is sober right now), and has never been married, (just lives with a woman and neither of them have been married before).  So I am going to see if I can get him married so he can go to confession.  Otherwise I will hear his confession as an emergency.

A very serious thing happened to him and this is why he is asking for me.  e A few weeks ago he began to die and he entered into darkness.  But he could see people all red and black.  He would start to cry every time I asked him to tell me about what happened.  I told him to tell everyone what he experienced so that people will go to confession rather than go to hell.  I told him that was only the beginning of hell, it only gets uglier and hotter.

Another woman came to talk to me about her son who has some spirit that sleeps with him in his bed.  She also told me that her TV gets pornography.  I am begging everyone to get rid of the TV, dress modest, not work on Sunday and go to Holy Mass.

WE are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know what will get us to hell and what we can do to avoid them.
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