Mexico And Traditional Catholicism

People continue to come to find me to have me pray for a sick person or to go and bless a home.
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 I am so happy to avail them with God’s graces that flow from a traditional Catholic priest.

Bl. Miguel Pro 28Early this morning a mother of a young man came asking me to visit and pray for her son Jose whom I have know since he was a small boy.  Because of getting drunk a lot, his kidneys failed.  His dad donated to him one of his kidneys.  The doctor put a port for him to have dialysis.  He is in a lot of pain.  I told him to remember hell every time he feels the bad pain.  I reminded him, and his parents, that this is nothing in comparison with the pains of hell.  “Oh My Jesus, forgive us our sins, SAVE US FROM THE FIRES OF HELLz”

He told me that he had left God behind for a long time and was like an animal with no faith.  I had him do a general Confession.  Those take a lot of time and effort on the part of the priest, but it is so important.  Thank you to all of you priests who take the effort to really save souls by going over a good examination of conscience to help the people get all of their sins out.  Penitencia publica

I am here in Mexico to save souls.  What good is it to just pray for people without also helping them repent.  His penance was to write out a promise to God on how he would live the life he has left.  Then he is to put that up on the wall to remind himself to keep the promises he is making when he is so sick.

At the house blessing last night, I also talked to the family and those invited, how they needed to obey God’s laws of love.  This morning with the family of Jose, and last night, I  especially talked about Our Lady of Fatima telling the children ‘that fashions would be introduced that offend God greatly’. I also told them about Our Lady of La Salette that told people to stop working on Sundays and taking the name of God in vain.

I had to go pay the electricity bill in another city, Tenancingo.  All the micro buses where full.
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 So I hitch hiked.  The woman who stop was going to the same city.  She ended up being great friends with Herman Gabriela.  We prayed the Holy Rosary all the way.  As I was leaving her, I told her (with kindness) that the tight pants she was wearing offend God greatly.
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 She accepted my correction and said she wears them because it is easier to work in them.  acjmlogo

I have compadres here who work on Sunday and sell tight pants to woman.  I keep on lovingly telling these people it is wrong.

Last night people arrived for the Latin Mass and for spiritual direction.  Also a 17 year old man who wants to become a priest with the Augustinians.  But I told him how liberal they are and that many of the ones I have known are into money and get drunk. I hated to talk bad about priests to a young man who wants to become a priest.  But he could lose his vocation and possibly his faith if he does not know the situation of the priesthood.

josesanchezHere in Mexico, I would die of work.  People are so open to talking to a good priest.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholic and to know that God’s laws are laws of love.