Personal Cure At Lourdes

Lourdes 2014 017

“In 2011 I went on a pilgrimage to see St Bernadette in Burgundy and visited the Grotto at Lourdes. what a blessing, tears come to my eyes now even thinking about it. After having ulcerative colitis for 20 years. When I visited Lourdes I didn’t notice anything.really yet over the next two weeks I entered into a really physically healthy state, I could eat whatever I wanted with no restrictions and it didn’t dawn on me until weeks later that specifically it had begun that day in Lourdes. I wasn’t expecting a cure, I don’t think I asked for it, I just asked our Lady to help me as a father and husband. We had visited many holy sites on that pilgrimage including LaSalette, Laus, and many Lourdes was yet another amazing Catholic site. Since I was in France I broke my strict diet and just decided to pay the price to enjoy the amazing pastries and french food.

The incredible thing is there was no price to pay, Our Lady had resolved it for me and my vitiligo too which is a result of the colitis and associated anemia. To have big white spots on your face was someithing hard for me as I was a very stupid and vain man in my teens and twenties. I endured the humiliation and I know full well it was due to my past sinful life. I grew my hair longer to cover the white spot on my forehead so that people would not stare. After Lourdes the vitiligo faded over time and is a nearly all gone with just a small barely detectable spot on my hand..

I’m a sinner, a person who lived a bad, immoral life, I didn’t deserve that cure and yet it was given to me. I post this story when I can because it’s real, Lourdes is real very real and true.
Thank you Saint Bernadette and thank you to our Blessed Mother!”