House Blessings And Cristo Rey

Between the work to get the house clean, the cars going, Latin Breviary and Holy Mass, there is very little time for blogging.

Santo_Stefano_d'Aveto-santuario_madonna_di_Guadalupe-altare2We were invited to eat lunch with a family today.  Tonight I am blessing a house and having dinner with the family afterward.
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 Twice I have been asked to bless houses so far.  Before I would just say yes.  Now, I say only if you are going to live 100% like Jesus and the Catholic Churches teaches.
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 Then I go on a little explanation.

God to Holy Mass every Sunday, no matter how good or bad the priest is.  No birth control.  No immodest dressing.  I explain that I can do the blessing as a priest, but they need to do their part of living holy lives or it will not work.

One of the ladies who asked has all sorts of noises and problems in her house.  She is married in the Church and practices her faith.  But I asked also about her son and daughter who live with her.  Are they sinning.  Is her son looking at pornography?  Are either of them sinning sexually?

She told me that before they use to go to people who prayed over them and did ‘limpios’.  She now understands that that is wrong.  So before I will do the house blessing, I will have a talk with all her family.  She totally was cooperative with me.

I am taking pictures and emailing them to myself.  But they are not coming through.  Internet is very slow here.  I am using my neighbors wifi.

We are so so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to receive blessings from God and not curses and problems with the devil.