Our Lady Of Lourdes and St. Bernadette

Here are some of the points Fr. Sean talked about in his traditional Catholic mIssion on Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette.  I have added a few of my ideas to his.

The central idea behind the apparition of Our Lady at Lourdes was to teach Bernadette, and all of us Catholics, to obtain the virtue of Piety.  Piety can be summarized in these few words: ‘Filial Affection for God’.  When we have love for God, when we look up to God and look down on our three enemies; the flesh, the world and the devil.

Lourdes 2014 017When we love God we understand our position in life and the events that happen through the eyes of God.  What He loves, what he values, what He teaches, we love, we value and we learn.  We make an act of consent even if it may not be pleasing to us.  In this mode, we love, adore, respect and OBEY God, no matter how we feel.  Our selfishness turns into selflessness.  God becomes the center and we ‘self-efface our ego.

Everything we do is to save our souls and the souls of others.   All our actions are based on giving greater Honor and Glory to God.  We see all other humans as people who could be saved and become good traditional Catholics.

Our Lady of Lourdes_holy card_lace We obey God through His Catholic Church and her 2000 years of teaching.  We do not go after all the new, trendy morals, no novelty, just the sacred tradition that were handed on to us through the Deposit of Faith.  All this can be done with more ease, if we Love God, because ‘where there is love, there is no labor’.

Our Lady the Virgin Mary, right off had St.
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Bernadette obey and learn.  This came when Bernadette started to make the Sign of the Cross.  She could not do it without Mary starting first and doing it slowly, with PIETY.

Such tiny details, as to how we make a Sign of the Cross, makes a great difference in how we pray.  Do we rush through our prayers, get them out of the way?  Do we do them with reverence and recollection?  Do they mean anything to us?

Lourdes 11People, our children and everyone around us, notice these little details of piety.  If we do it with faith and piety, people are attracted to the Catholic Faith.  It edifies those around us and inspires them to look up to God and to enter into a relationship with Him.

Of course the Holy Rosary is a big part of the apparition of Lourdes.  Our Lady appeared 15 times, and there are 15 traditional mysteries in the Holy Rosary.  5 Joyful Mysteries, 5 Sorrowful Mysteries and 5 Glorious Mysteries.  Do we pray the Holy Rosary with devotion, remembering the great effects it has on us, the Church and the world?  Do we pray it slowly?  Why do we pray it?

Our Lady taught St. Bernadette to grow in piety and to get rid of imperfections.  She spent her short life, growing in Love for God and neighbor.  She spent it doing things well for love of God and Mary.  We are not alone.  God and Mary are with us every time we pray.  They are that close to us.  They care so much for us.

Lourdes5St. Bernadette also learned piety through the cross.  She suffered greatly in her life.
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 Our Lady had told her: ‘I can not promise you happiness in the life, but in the next’.  She loved her cross.  The devil hates the cross.  We need to accept our suffering and be purified.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have the great saints to teach us how to get to heaven.