Miracle Of Traditional Latin Blessing Of Fields

When I was beginning to discover the huge difference between the Latin Mass and the New Mass, I purchased the 3 Volume ‘The Roman Ritual’ that had been translated by Rev. Philip T Weller.

  • Sacraments and Processions
  • Christian Burial, Exorcisms, Reserved Blessings, Etc.
  • The Blessings     These can be purchased for $150 at pbs@pathwaybook.com .

enfield_stained_glass4When I was pastor of St. Patrick’s Escalon/Ripon Cal, a friend of mine, Bobby Chinchiolo came to visit me.  We had just begun to offer the Missa Cantata and I was so excited to show him the pictures of our Latin Masses, all the altar boys and the beautiful vestments I had just purchased for them.  Bob and his wife are people who have done so much for the Catholic Church, priests, Catholic Radio and saving souls.

He asked me if I would be so kind as to bless the 350 + – acres of orchards and field crops that his family had owned for years off River Road in Escalon.  He explained to me that they were now trying to sell it but they had had no interested buyers and the property had been on the market for a long time.  I agreed.

But then I told him I would do it in the old Latin ‘Blessing of Fields’ from the Roman Ritual.  He was very happy to have me do this.  I prayed the Latin Blessing and he drove me all over the huge ranch as I blessed it with holy water.

A very short time after that, his family sold the ranch.  He explained to me that it had just happened in time when his older sister and brother needed their share of the money.  He was so grateful how God had worked this traditional Latin miracle.

If only everyone in the Catholic Church would re-discover the great treasure of the Latin Mass, other Latin Sacraments and Blessings that have been thrown out.  But little by little a few cardinals, bishops,priests and people are rediscovering these treasures and using them for the good of souls and financial blessings for holy people.