Traditional Catholic Sacraments 2

I wish to continue to expound on the Introduction to ‘The Roman Ritual’ by Rev. Philip T Weller.

seven sacramentsThe resurrected Jesus continues to be truly present to us in His Mystical Body the Church.  Christ.  The Word made Flesh, came as a visible sign with great graces for those who choose to believe in Him.  It is He who acts in and through the Catholic Church’s Sacraments.
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 These sacraments are the Church’s most treasured possessions and in most cases, are the only way that God dispenses His graces to man.  They are normally indispensable for salvation.
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We have personally experienced how God brought our dead souls back to life through our baptism.  We have experience being incorporated into the Body of Christ by receiving Jesus’ Body and Blood in Holy Communion.  The Holy Eucharist is the sacrament par excellence because it keeps us united to Jesus and other Catholics in Body and Charity.

the-holy-sacrifice-of-the-mass2An extremely important traditional Catholic teaching, (about the Holy Mass or Eucharist), has all been but forgotten today by most Catholics.  It is explained this way:

As sacrifice, the eucharistic oblation of Christ, truly His very own renewal of Good Friday in sacramental manner, is also the sacrifice of the Church, with a priest as minister acting in the person of Him and in the person of the entire fellowship of the faithful.’ R.R. pg.4.

The Holy Mass is not a meal commemorating the Last Supper.  It is truly the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary, in an un-bloody manner, re-made present through the priest who acts in Persona Christi.  That is why it is not a party where the priest make jokes, people clap and enjoy the ‘Happy Mass’.  Priests offer sacrifices not happy hour.  Our Lady, St. John and the other women were not happily singing songs and clapping as Jesus, on Good Friday, slowly died from torture on the cross.  In contemplative silence, they united their prayers, supplications and extreme sorrow with Jesus’ horrific sacrifice up on the cross.

Luther_at_WormsMartin Luther began the revolt against the Holy Sacraments of Jesus’ Church.  Out of this came Rationalism where the idea of supernatural intervention in human history became laughable.  Man becomes perfect, not in need of redemption or renewal.  There is no ‘Original Sin’.  There is no need for Jesus’ Church or the graces that flow out of the Holy Catholic Sacraments.

We see this only too clearly in Marxism where the problem is outside man.  The problem are the Royal rulers, the rich, who oppress the poor.  They stole all the rich’s possessions. That didn’t work so they had them killed.  They arrested or killed religious ‘superstitious’ priests and ministers.  That didn’t work so they then began to imprisoned the intellectuals in forced labor camps.

communism_doesn't_workBut the Marxist theory failed to deliver what it had promised; an earthy paradise.  Without Jesus’ words and example, without His Church’s Sacraments, man is not redeemed and continues to self destruct from the effect of Original Sin; SELFISHNESS.

We are so blessed to be able to be traditional Catholics and to have access to the powerful Holy Sacraments that help free us from our sins and selfishness.  They give us the graces necessary to be holy and loving to others.