Traditional Catholic Sacraments, Channels of Jesus’ Graces

At this very moment, we traditional Catholics are being kept spiritually alive and sanctified by God’s actions through connection with Jesus’ Mystical Body, the Church.  We call these channels of God’s life and grace; Sacraments.  p_download_bodypart.asp

In the beginning of the Rev. Philip T. Weller’s ‘Roman Ritual’, is the ‘By Way Of Introduction’.  I want to go over this to help you deepen your understanding about the great power of God working right now through the Sacraments of Holy Catholic Church.

The definition of a Sacrament is;

An outward sign of inward grace, a sacred and mysterious sign or ceremony, ordained by Christ, by which grace is conveyed to our souls.  1914 Catholic Encyclopedia

In the sacrament of baptism the outward signs are water and the words; ‘I baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit’.  In Baptism, God mysteriously and miraculously works inwardly by liberating us from the devil, purifying our soul of original sin, pouring into our souls the indwelling presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and making us His adopted sons.  seven sacraments

The sacrament of Baptism was ordained by Christ just before He ascended back to the right hand of God the Father.

‘Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
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‘  Matthew 28:19.

All of this began when in the fullness of time, God exercised a sacramental act of mercy for mankind by sending His Only Begotten Son to become Flesh, called the Incarnation.  Jesus took on created human nature so that the Unseen God could become accessible to man.  By taking on our fallen human nature, Jesus was able to redeem it and restore it.  Incarnation Window_Chartres Cathedral

‘The essence of Godhead is joined in sacramental mystery with visible mortal substance.’  Roman Ritual pg.v

When Jesus took on our human nature and died in that nature in the sacrifice of the cross, He gave birth to His Mystical Body the Church.  He is the head, and out of His pierced side of His body flowed water and Blood, from which His bride the Holy Church was taken.

jesus 9The sacramental mystery of Christ’s Incarnation and Redemption are prolonged every time  a man or child receives one of these sacraments from His Body the Church.  Where Christ the head works, His Body the Church also works.
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The sacrament of Baptism is the first sacrament which re-creates us as children of God.  Then the sacrament of the Eucharist is necessary to intensify and complete our incorporation into the Mystical Body of Christ or the Church.

‘He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, abideth in me and I in him.’  John 6:57.

2 - Angels and monstranceAll of the sacraments work to incorporate us into Christ, form us into other Christs (Christians) and build up the Body of Christ.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have so much life and grace flowing to us from these Holy Sacraments of Christ’s Catholic Church.