Traditional Catholics Are Living Jesus’ Death Everyday

Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday seemed to be the darkest time for Jesus, Mary and His disciples.
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 His ignominious death on the Cross and His time in the tomb were times of desolation, grief, sorrow and emptiness.  It created an illusion that all was lost for God’s people.  It seemed certain that evil had had the last say.

Jesus_weeps_Jerusalem_02In these very dark days.

  • Most of our family members now are living in sin and no longer understand or practice true Catholicism.
  • Our parishes accept modern morality and have watered down teachings.
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  • Our pope, cardinals, bishops and priests are openly questioning Catholic teaching on divorce and homosexual sex.
  • Laws, that were democratically voted on, are being overturned by judges and courts.
  • Laws are enforced to make sure the un-born can be “safely’ murdered.
  • Laws that protected the sacredness of a marriage between one man and one woman till death are being destroyed.
  • Evil is being taught to our youth in some of our Catholic and public schools.
  • Most dioceses suppress priests who preach the truth or want to only say the Latin Mass.

jesus 9While Mary and the disciples weeped from sorrow, Jesus was busy descending into hell or limbo to set souls free.com1004cThat Jesus Christ Descended into Hell

All may appear dark, over, done.
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 But that too is an illusion.  Jesus is busy with souls who are open to his love.  And no matter how bad things seem, Jesus is still DEFINITELY in charge.

nuestro padre jesus en su presentacionWe are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have our faith.  Let us never ever forget, ‘Our hope is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.’