Holy Thursday Latin Mass Priest’s Preparation

Holy Week is a terribly busy time for us priests.  Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday are the most important times of the Catholic year.

Holy ThursdaySo to start to get ready for Holy Thursday here is a simple list of what is needed;

1) 12 Clerics who will have their feet washed.  Bowl, picture, towels and seating.

2) Gold or white vestments for Mass.  White tabernacle veil, Cope and Humeral Veil.

3) The Altar of Repose prepared and decorated.

4) A Umberlino to hold over the Blessed Sacrament as you processes to the Altar of Repose.

Holy Thursday Latin Mass is to begin no earlier than 6 pm and no later than 8 pm.  There is no private mass to be offered this day.  The Gloria is said and bells are rung.  There are no more bells to be rung until Easter Vigil.  No Blessed Sacrament in tabernacle at beginning of Mass.

Last Supper_stained glass_Lawrence OPWashing of Feet After the Homily,  (This can be done some other time than the Holy Mass).

1) Priest takes the chasuble and maniple off at sedilia.

2) Girds himself with a cloth (Can use Amice).

3) Washes the right foot of the 12 clerics.

4) After, washes his hands.

5) Puts on chasuble and maniple at sedilia.
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6) Returns to the altar and prays an Our Father and responses and prayer.

Holy Mass continues;

1) Preface of Holy Cross

2) Says communicates for Holy Thursday in Canon, Hanc igtur, Quam oblatiionem, Qui pridie.

Holy Mass ends with the tabernacle empty.  So the ciborium is not replaced in the tabernacle, but left on the corporal until the procession.

To start the procession;

1) Take off chasuble and put on white cope.

2) Return to Altar to incense Sacred Host in ciborium.

3) With the incense first, followed by cross bearer and torch bearers.

4) Altar boy holds Umberlino over the priest as he processes to the altar of repose.

5) Once Ciborium is placed on corporal on Altar of repose, the priest kneels and incenses 3 X.

6) Faithful stay in adoration.

7) Priest returns to sacristy to remove white vestments and put on purple stole.

8) Priest goes up to main altar to strip it while praying the antiphon.