Holy Thurs. Good Friday Latin Services At St. Catherine Phoenix Az

Last Supper_Pietro LORENZETTIHoly Thursday Last Supper Latin Mass will be at 7:30 pm tonight.  It will be followed with a procession to the Altar of Repose and adoration of the Holy Eucharist.  (‘Can you not pray one hour with Me’).  It will be held at St. John Bosco Chapel.

Crucifixion_Christ_on_the_Cross_DELACROIX_Eug_neGood Friday at 3 pm (when Jesus died on the cross) there will be the Latin Passion Gospel of St. John, Veneration of a relic of the True Cross and Holy Communion.

St. John Bosco Chapel
6600 S. Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85042

This Chapel is just one block south of St. Catherine of Siena Church.  It is part of St. Catherine’s Parish and is where the Latin Mass is said every Sunday at 10 am.