Blessed Karl, Emperor of Austria April 1

There is just something beautiful about Blessed Karl Of Austria and Hungry.
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 His dedication to God, family and peace are so great.  As always, the good suffer terribly, but God rewards them eternally.


Karl became Emperor of Austro‑Hungarian Empire on June 28, 1914 and on the same year was crowned Apostolic King of Hungary.  He was exiled to the island of Madeira and reduced to poverty.  He lived in a very humid house and became sick and died April 1, 1922.

437px-Erzherzog_Thronfolger_Karl_Franz_JosefWhen he was born a stigmatic nun had foretold that suffer greatly.  So people prayed for him since his birth.  He was dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and peace. After his death the “League of prayer of the Emperor Charles for the peace of the peoples” was founded.
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450px-Hochzeit_Erzh_Karl_und_Zita_Schwarzau_1911bbHe had been married only 10 years when he died, but had already 8 children.

Cat-No-309-The-Emperor-Shortly-After-Death-Photograph“I strive always in all things to understand as clearly as possible and follow the will of God, and this in the most perfect way”.  Blessed Karl’s Moto.