S. F. Priests Council Bullying Fr. Illo To Be ‘Religiously Correct’

Fr. Joseph Illo and Fr. Patrick Driscoll were invited into the Archdiocese of San Francisco by Archbishop Cordileone to start an Oratory of St. Philip Neri.  This is where priests live and pray together in community while working in a parish.
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 There are Oratories all over the world.  August 1, they were given Star of the Sea Parish.  This Parish has been known for offering the Tridentine Mass along with the Novus Ordo Mass.

Archbishop_Salvatore_Cordileone_at_a_press_conference_for_the_2012_USCCB_Fall_General_Assembly_Nov_13_Credit_Michelle_Bauman_CNA_3_12_15When Fr. Illo, at the suggestion of Fr. Driscoll, decided to not allow any new girls to be altar boys, the school attached to the parish got very up set and got the news involved.

In a March 29th article, the National Catholic Reporter reports on the meeting of the San Francisco Archdiocese Council of Priests in mid February.  The article quotes the minutes from that meeting that someone anonymously gave to them.

At that time, the new bishop of San Diego, McElroy was quoted as saying; “excluding girls from being altar servers is ‘invidious discrimination’ and to do this in this day and age in our culture has no justification.”

He also “mentioned the Pope recently spoke on this very theme and said ‘to live by exclusion is a corrupting method of living’  But the dilemma, in his view, is that Fr. Illo repeatedly stated in public interviews that he proceeded with the Archbishop’s permission. That was the killer … and that the public perception will be that the Archbishop is in favor of these actions.

“Cordileone echoed Piderit during closing remarks about the Star of Sea situation, the minutes report: “There are some people in the archdiocese that like worshiping in this way, they like seeing only altar boys on the altar, and [Cordileone] wonders why we can’t have one or two parishes … with this practice, so the lay faithful with this preference have a space to go.”

“Regarding calls for a policy to be implemented, the Archbishop does not want to impose a policy that would restrict a pastor from exercising pastoral discretion in situations where the Church allows such discretion,”

“The minutes say that O’Sullivan said Illo’s “actions were totally disrespectful to his brother priests and the archdiocese” and asked if Illo might be considering the ban of female eucharistic ministers.”  Quotes are from the meetings minutes reported in The National Catholic Reporter.

So you can see what we are up against in the New Church.  A pastor has the prerogative to have only altar boys is he so wishes.  But the ‘Religiously Correct Bullies’ will use every tactic to stop anything that seems traditional.

The National Catholic Reporter is using these minutes to destroy priests like Fr. Joseph and Fr. Driscoll.  But in them reporting them, you see the mentality behind most diocese in the United States.